still bleeding and not pregnant yet
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Meme - May 16

I am currently taking ovulex. I had a D&C in November. I still have a small cyst and small fibroid and no thyroid problems. my fiance's sperm count is fine. December, Jan, Feb, Mar I was on my cycle. April I spotted for one days, two weeks apart for two times that month. this month, I spotted for 4 days and started beleeding on the ninth day. Don't know if the bleeding will stop or will the ovulex regulate it and then I get pregnant??


Cutie - May 16

Hi Meme, I can kind of relate to your problem... I am also taking Ovulex. I think it will regulate our periods and then we will get preggo... However if you are suspicious or not doing well( I mean, in ref. to your bleeding) then maybe you should see your doctor. Good luck to you Meme, I hope you get preggo soon. God Bless


Meme - May 17

Hi Cutie: How long have you been taking ovulex?



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