Sticky mucus
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Amelia - October 27

I have an 18 month old & since having him my mucus has been quite sticky/clear throughout my whole cycle. We are trying to fall pregnant now & wondering if this cld indicate a hormonal problem & possibly make falling pregnant difficult.


sheila - July 28

i don't know if it indicates a hormonal problem but having sticky mucus can definitely not make you fall pregnant. anyway, as much as i am concern, i am also curious of what has been causing mucus to be sticky because i sometimes get it. hope you can update me with this. thanks!


ciarra44 - August 1

the fertile type of discharge is liquidy stretchy wet stuff that looks like raw eggwhites. if you're having sticky mucus, pregnancy isn't possible.


aimee - August 24

when mucus is thick and sticky, it indicates that oestrogen is low and it does happen after ovulation. therefore you can't fall pregnant with it.


desiree - August 26

it can also indicate an infection most especially if there's an itchy feeling. have it checked out anyway.



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