Sterile or is it because of marijuana...
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confused - February 12

I had chlamidiya and i dont know whether i am sterile from that or if the problem is because me and my b/f smoke weed often and if it is because of that do we just have to stop smoking? Also i only see him 1 or 2 times a week maybe the problem is that im not ovulating?


ok - February 12

is this serious? First off, stop the weed!!! 2nd grow up!!! There's your advice. I feel so bad for some babies born in this world to people like you!!!


????????? - February 13

I'm not God and I am no one to judge, but my personal opinion is that it sounds like you are not ready to be a parent. Age doesn't matter here, maturity does, and you do not sound mature enough to be an effective role model for someone. No wonder this world is going down the toilet.



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