stenotic cervix
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dani3 - February 4

Has anyone gotten pregnant with a stenotic cervix or after treatment? If so, how long did it take?


Michelle P - February 11

I am waiting for tests to see if I have one,so will let you know what they say.


hannah01 - February 17

I just saw this message ... I just learned I have cervical stenosis myself. I found out when I went in for my first IUI and my RE could not get the catheter past my cervix. He just injected the sperm into my cervix- so it was disappointing, as I know getting it up into the uterus has the highest success rates. Would love to hear from others about conception and stenosis ...


dani3 - February 18

I was dx during fertility testing (HSG). The doctor could not get the catheter past my cervix without causing excrutiating pain. I had a laparoscopy done after that ,during which my RE dilated my cervix. That was our only problem so my RE thinks it is just a matter of time. Saying lots of prayers and keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck to you hannah01.


dani3 - February 18

I was talking to a girl on another chat line who had her cervix dilated for the same reason and conceived three months later so that gave me some hope. Hope this helps.


hannah01 - February 18

thanks dani3 - that's reassuring to hear. my RE said he'll dilate me next month if I didn't conceive this time. Is that a painful procdure? the dilation? good luck to you as well!


dani3 - February 18

I had my dilation done during laparoscopic surgery so I was asleep. I did have pain when she tried to dilate during the HSG, but I think it would depend on the type of stenosis. My RE said my cervix was like it was glued shut so I couldn't of have it done while I was awake. My stenosis was a result of a LEEP procedure I had done 3 years earlier to remove dysplasia. Does the doctor know what caused yours?


hannah01 - February 18

dani, that's similar to what he said about my cervix. though about a month ago a different dr. was able to get the catheter in to do the water ultrasound procedure. it hurt so badly he had to stop because he thought i was going to pass out.

i didn't have the leep but did the freezing procedure- not sure if they do that as much anymore, this was about 15 years ago. i knew after i did it that i had scar tissue on my cervix, so am guessing that's my problem. i read somewhere that if your cervix can open enough for you to have a period, then that means it's open enough for sperm to make it up. that made me feel a lot better! are you trying to conceive naturally?


dani3 - February 18

Yes I am trying to conceive naturally. I've been charting for over a year now but I was just dx in November and had the surgery in Dec. I have no problem with ovulation and dh's count and motility is excellent so it appears this was our only obstacle. We're going to try naturally for a couple of more months, then we may move on to IUI if nothing happens. I read the same thing about having a period but my RE said it is different because blood is so microscopic and it is coming in a different direction than the sperm trying to get "up" through the scarring. It's kind of frustrating because there's not much info. Keep me updated about what happens with you:)



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