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tyringtoconcieve - July 5

I had chlamydia 5 years ago but it did not turn into a PID. I am getting ready to get married and I know we want to have children but our insurance does not cover any infertility stuff. So I am you think my tubes can be blocked from the chlamydia or do you usually have to have a PID to have blocked tubes? I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had it or knows anything about it


central - July 5

From the best of my Knowledge, if u are not diagnosis with PID, I believe you may have a little scarring on ur tubes. when ever u perform the dye test, it can open up your tubes only if there is little scarring, but if u have hard scar tissue surrounding your tubes u may have to perform the lap exam to remove the scarring.I hope that good enough, good luck ttc.



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