Staying Ready For Sex PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
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anonymous - July 11

Me and my husband just got married a couple of months ago after being together for 5 years. Within the last month or so we have been having sex and out of the clear blue I just get dry. I tried KY but he doesn't want to use it. I love my husband and he does sexually stimulate me. I honestly don't know why I cant stay ready for him. It's not all the time just probably 1 out of 5 or so. Please Help.


Lena - July 12

Dryness during intercourse doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't stimulated. Wetness can't be used as a barameter for sexual rediness like a male's erection. Diet, health, stress, hydration and day of your cycle are all strong influencers of the amount and type of lubrication your body will produce. Perhaps you can explain this to your husband and help him understand that dryness has nothing to do with your attraction to him. He also needs to realized that painful intercourse isn't fun and lubricants will be necessary if he wants your participation.


beth - July 12

I think you need more foreplay before sex. It helps lubricate. This should help!


e - July 12

i had the same problem and finally started using ky and it has made the biggest difference. you really need to do what makes you comfortable and doesn't cause you discomfort. try talking to him and tell him exactly how it feels doing it without lubrication. hopefully he'll understand.


too anonymous - July 12

sounds like you aren't relaxed enough during intercourse. maybe if you try alot of foreplay before you get into it to try and relax you. you would be surprised how the mind works.


Drew - July 12

Hi, there are alot of women on here who use a product called Preseed. It is a lubricant that is not harmful to sperm, and actually helps them get to their destination. Ky jelly doesn't do much for sperm, it kinda traps them rather than aides them to where they need to go. I do agree with Lena, you need to tell him that either you use the lubrication, or its a no-go. Dryness can really irritate your vagina, and get quite painfull. And also lots of water throughout the day will help too. And too anonymous, women can get dry even when they are excited. Some women just do not produce the same amount of cm that others do. Please don't feel that it's your fault......regardless of what other more insensitive people might say.


Beth - July 12

This is true. There are two glands that produce the lubrication, and one of mine doesn't work right. It's gotten infected three times, and turns into not only a cyst, but an absyss (sp?), and had to be drained each time! It's the most painful thing I've ever had to endure. I will have to have it surgically removed soon. Then it will be just me and the KY. I think I will have to try this preseed everyone is talking about.


Lena - July 13

I have to advise against using KY. Since 1989, KY has included Chlorhexidine, which is an antispermicidal. (Chlorhexidine is the solution used to sterilize surgical equipment.) There are several sperm-friendly lubricants - preseed (as Drew mentioned), astroglide, physician's choice...


TaiVion - July 13

Thanks I guess since me and my hubby are trying to get prego I will try the preseed. But for the time being I have been relaxing throughout the day ad drinking more water. Thanks for the input and I'll keep you all posted. Best wishes and baby dust to all.



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