starting new thread-ttc#1 over 40
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Mialso - August 2

I have a question. What is anyone here trying? Fertility Blend, Ovulex, EPO, folic acid? Is there any good advice of what you may have read that could be helpful once you reach 40. Just curious. And Maria, hang in there. I know it's hard. Don't lose the faith and don't ever lose hope.


mmelo - August 8

Hi ladies,
The RE called, they are going to pencil me in for my new MRI. I think I will wait until my next cycle and see if my prolactin levels have come down yet. I read a post on another thread about high prolactin and one of the girls concieved with her levels in the 30's. Normal is below 20 so this gives me some hope. Keep you posted. Maria


COL - August 17

Hello ladies, hope everybody s doing well. MMElo, any news from your side? please give us updates. good luck


mominib - August 19

Hi Ladies. I am 40 and have been ttc for over a year. I did clomid for 3 months and am now on my 3rd and final month of the injectables. I have an us tomorrow to see if the folicles are ready yet. I hope it's OK to join you it's been tough not being able to talk to someone my age going through everything I am. none of my friends (my age) are even thinking about having any more children so they don't understand. I hope you are all well and I look forward to reading your emails and getting to know all of you.


COL - August 23

Hi mominib, nice to have you here with us, although i think this thread is almost dead, i would suggest that come and join us in the pregnant after 35 section . i am 41 and trying for my first too, i know exactly what you mean by that your freinds do not understand. looking forwared to know you more . TTYL


mominib - August 24

Hi Col, I was begining to wonder if any one would ever respond hehehe. I saw the over 35 thread, but thought the over 40 would be better for me as each year older the harder it gets. I just had my last round of injectables and had IUI on monday, so waiting to see if it happened or not. My insurance only has a life time of three months on the injectables, so if it didn't work this time I can do a few more months of clomid or try on my own and just get IUI's. How are you comming along? where are you in your cycle or treatment right now? Hope all is well.


COL - August 25

Hi mominib, I am glad to hear from you again, as for the over 35 , I am not talking about the thread her, there is a whole section for the over 35, I will put the link for you at the bottom of this post. My update, I am on 9dpo, I am not on any meds, although I am seeing an ND, and I am doing acupuncture, I read a lot about it and it seems to be good for helping to conceive. I did not go through any IUI or any other procedures as of yet, hoping since none of me and my DH has anything to prevent us from getting pregnant, I was hoping that it can happen natural. I never was on clomid too. I just started to think of seeing a fertility specialist; we are waiting to get our appointment. That’s about it. Please keep me posted about your status. Speaking of friends and me TTC, my friend was the worst of all, all of the sudden, the only topic that she talk about is how women in there 40 have babies with DS. So, you are in a better shape than me when it comes to friends : ) : ) : ).TTYL and good luck


mmelo - August 26

Hi again ladies.
I hope this thread isn't dead. I think there are alot more of us over 40 ttc. I have been following the pregnant over 35 forum. But some tend to get annoyed when I but in because it says PREGNANT over 35 not TTC over 35. I have read that some of the girls have achieved their BFP so that is great news.
Update. I am currently waiting for AF to arrive so that hopefully I can start my second cycle for IUI. If my prolactin levels have come down below 40 I am going to give it a shot. Wish me luck.


COL - August 27

Hi Maria, I am glad to hear from you, I would like to keep this thread alive too. I hope this time it will work for you, I know how hard it is to keep waiting cycle after cycle. I am tired too. As for the pregnant over 35, it was one time when a lady made a comment about the TTC over 35, and after that she came around and apologized, other than that, all the ladies who are there, are very supportive and nice women. And after all, it’s a public forum. As for my updates, I am on 11 dpo, hoping for good news this month. But at the same time, I am waiting for an appointment with a fertility specialist; it will be my first time. We are planning to go ahead and do what it takes without all the trials headaches. Anyway, Maria, I really wish you the best, and I will be looking forward to hear good news from your side. GOOD LUCK and God bless you.


Prisoner_of_Hope - September 2

Hi Ladies,

Just popping in to say hi! Happy Labor Day. Today is CD1 - AF is here so nothing to report. She is early again. I have joined a weight loss program to see if taking off sound poundage will help me. So far I have lost 7lbs. I turn 42 in January, so I am hopeful that losing even 20lbs will help.
Hope all of you are keeping well and will be posting good news soon.
You may want to visit this board and read some of the over 40 success stories. There are many. Naturally some heartbreak too. But lots of positive outcomes.


isa - September 3

tried the link but it wants me to sign up to msn something or other and I already get enough spam so I dont want to link into it. COL any updates? I have my first accupuncture on the 14th. I'm cd 3 now and we are going ahead with the ivf. I"ll start lupron on the 21st. I still have to have a sono and endometrial biopsy before i start the lupron. With any luck I will be pregnant by mid to late October.


COL - September 3

Good morning ladies, hope everybody is ok. I connected to the MSN group, what caught my attention there is the stats they have, they have stats for IUI, IVF and natural conceive for women over 40. the interesting part is, the lowest success rate is in the IUI, then IVF, the biggest success is the natural, of course the IVF rate is good when it comes to Twins : ) : ) : ) . I really wish you the best ISA, I will be crossing my fingers for you, and for sure you will be in my prayers. Oh its nice that you are going for your acupuncture, is it with Jane? . as for my updates, my appointment with the fertility specialist is October 13, and to be honest with you, after reading all the stories about the IUI, and the success rate, I am thinking not to go that route, I am thinking of IVF directly and get over with it. What do you think? Where is everybody? Maria, and others. TTYL



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