Starting my first round of clomid on Nov 14, anyone else?
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Nic - November 10

Im starting my first round of clomid on nov 14 and was wondering if anyone else was going through this too for the first time.


mandy - November 10

I'm starting on the 15th. My AF's due on the 13th and so I wanted to start on day 3. How bout you? Is this your first round?


Nic - November 10

This is my first round, how about you? I dont really know what to expect or if there are any side effects. I just pray that this works. How long have you been ttc?


tara - November 11

side effects: dizziness, hot flashes are most common. Mine started 2 days after I started the clomid. I've been on 50mg and 100mg days 2-6. It thins your lining so make sure you are monitored because if you have a thin lining you wont be able to carry a baby.


Holly - November 12

I am starting Clomid today (Oct 11th) as my AF is very messed up. It has not been normal now for a while. AF will show up anywere between 35 days to 48 days. My last AF showed up on the 2nd and ended last weekend..but the dr. said to take the pill now.. I do hope that this ok to do. (He said it was due to the nautre of my messed up schedule). Anyone else experience this? How are the side effects?? Please let me know..good luck to everyone!!



Hanna - November 12

Im starting my 1st round of Clomid today, I'm on 100g & am taking it on days 2 - 6. Am going to take it before going to bed to try & avoid any side efftec.


Holly - November 12

Took my first dose of 50mg last night at 6:30pm, side effects ok.. a bit emotional and had a lump in my throat but had a good sleep. I may try to take it later at night if I can. I have one child already..9yr old daughter who is absolutly wonderful. If I do get pg I have to go in for testing (blood tests etc) as I have had a tubal pregnancy before. Do not want to go through that again. I have my tubes as they did not that is all good. Good luck to all ... Baby dust.. *~*~*



AB - November 13



Elena - November 13

Hello, start mine tomorrow Nov 13 I'm really exicted!! I'm taking 50mgs day 5-9. I just had laposcropy surgery on Sept 20 for scar tissue around my fallopian tube's. So hopefully and praying that this will work. Also I have read that you take if you take ROBITUSSIN which has a active ingredient call GUAIFENESIN which thins out your cervical mucus "meaning its easier for the sperm to travel through". And for patients taking clomid they say its a 5 day protocol, one can probably wait until the day after the last clomid pill before starting the ROBITUSSIN. Thought some of you might be intreasted. The website is called Here is good luck to all of us!! Baby Dust**


Holly - November 14

Hi Elena, Good luck ...Baby dust*~*
Thank you for the link. I don't know if Clomid is decreasing my CM as of yet 2nd day on. But oh boy I have been getting hot flashes!! one minute I am hot the next least I am preparing for Seems that Clomid has increased my sex this normal?? I have also been getting bloated now..uhhgg! I really hope that this works for me.. and for everyone else.. Baby dust to everyone!!



Holly - November 14



mandy - November 15

ok, so i was geared up to take it today on day 2, but then started doing research and heard it's better to do days 5-9. What do you ladies think? any info/advice?


Holly - November 15

My doctor told me to take it on day 9..and that is because my AF is so messed up. I was told that this was ok for me to do. I have one more day to go and the hotflashes are about the worst. I get cranky but I have it under control. I really hope that it works on the first round. Good dust


Holly - November 18

Took the Clomid now it is a waiting game now.. It kinda made me feel a bit depressed for a little while but other then the hotflashes that went away after the last pill and were not as bad on the last day I feel better. I really hope that it works on the fist round as I don't want to have to take it again...but I will if I have to. How is everyone else doing? Baby dust.. Holly


KAY - November 18

I started clomid (my first round) on the 16th. Last night I had hot flashes, really bad. Yesterday I had a headache for about 5 hours, that was fun! ;-( I have not had any other side effects, though. I still have a couple days left of it, though. I am taking on days 2-6. My doctor said that new research has shown a higher pregnancy rate starting on days 2 or 3 than day 5. I have no idea, this is just what he told me. He has been extremely correct and wonderful up to this point, so I am just doing what he tells me. Looks like all of us will be oing about the same time and we will have to do the 2ww together as well!


mandy - November 18

I also heard that taking muccinex is supposed to be better than robitussen because it doesn't have a certain ingredient that acts like a spermicide like robitussen does. Just a thought. I took the clomid on Day 3, 100 mgs and haven't had any side effects! I'm hoping that they are working because I did a cycle of 50 mg a few months ago and had the worst hot flashes all day! I also heard to take it at night so that you don't get those headaches. ****baby dust ladies***


Nic - November 18

Today was my last day of clomid. I started on the 14 and got really sick that day with headache and vomiting. After the first day have had no more symptoms. So i guess after today its the waiting game to see when i ovulate. My doc said i should o between day 12-18 and if not by then to come back. I have had some slight cramping on my left side. Dont know if its my body or my immagination. Guess well see what happens. My doc has me taking the clomid on day 5 of my cycle.



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