Starting my 2ww, anyone want to wait together?
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Mary - November 7

Hi! I think I o'd this weekend from my + OPK and am starting my 2 week wait. Anyone in the same boat as me? And trying to keep busy not thinking too much about it???!!! :) What's your story?


Jess - November 7

I know, it's tough not to think about it every second! I like to assume I'm pg and read up on things since I'll need to know the stuff at some point.


Mary - November 8

I try that too, to assume I'm pg. I feel let down when I'm not, yet I'd rather know. Sometimes, I think that if I wait longer to do a hpt it will be bfp, but I know thinking positive thoughts doesn't mean it will be a bfp...if only!


Jamie - November 9

I am on my 2ww as well. I got a +opk this weekend and my temps went up too. I go tomorrow to get my progesterone levels checked to see if I did ovulate. I hate this 2ww - I have been let down so many times I just assume I am not going to be pregnant. It is easier to deal with the disappointment. I am going to keep myself busy by scrapbooking and reading. Hopefully this month we can get our bfps!!


Sara - November 9

I just O'd Nov 6th(Sunday) according to OPK. I m/c'd Oct 23rd and I am ttcing again.I am due fo AF Nov 21stI would love to play the"waiting game"with all of you.I hope we all get BFP's this month!! Tons of baby dust your way.


Mar - November 9

Wow, we are all on the same schedule Sara and Jamie! I am really busy at work, so that's nice cuz it makes my day fly by. It's really at night that I think a lot about whether or not I'm pg....I hope so! Every twinge in my stomach I think of as a good sign, and my left side has been busy, do you know what that means?
Sara, so sorry about your m/c!! How far along were you? I've heard you are just as fertile if not more following a m/c. My dr. said your chances of m/c when you get pg again are the same as if you hadn't before. My sis-in-law has had 3 so now her % for another m/c is really high.


Mary - November 9

Jamie, I forgot to say that I've been reading a lot more too to keep my mind busy. If you like chick lit, girly books, I recommend Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. It was a fun, easy book to read. And there is a follow-up book to that. I'm reading A Million Little Pieces now. I read a book about a woman whose husband wanted her to have a baby and she wasn't quite ready, it was called Notes from the Underbelly by Risa Green. Any good ones you recommend?


to Sara - November 9

I also m/c around oct. 25th. I ov'ed nov 5th. I posted on this website and someone said it is not possible to ov right after a mc. I am glad to see that you did. I got a positive on a opk


Jamie - November 10

I have read a lot of great books lately. A lot of them are from Oprah's book list. The one that I recently read that I thought was excellent was My Sister's Keeper. A little sad but what an ending!! I had an appointment today to get my blood drawn for my progesterone level. I am almost positive I ovulated - I guess this will just confirm that. I hope this is our month!!


Lola - November 10

Hello ladies,
I just started my 2ww, have been ttc since Feb. My OPK came up positive on Sunday and I went for an IUI (intrauterine insemination) on Monday and Tuesday. The 2ww is hell but I will really try to keep positive and keep my mind occupied. Hope everyone is keeping sane!


Mary - November 10

Lola, what is the IUI like? Does it hurt? What is the success rate? And did you try Clomid or meds first? Thanks!


Bliss - November 10

Hi Lola, I also went in for an IUI on Sunday. The 2ww is torture, but I have really high hopes that it worked. i find out on the 21st if it took. My Dh and I have unexplained infertility and we have been trying for 4 years. Bady Dust to everyone :)


Sara - November 10

Since it sounds like all of us are in this together and due for ugly AF around the same time, have any of you been experiencing yellowish/white CM?I used the restroom yesterday and I had quite a bit come out.Anyone know if this is normal?Is anyone else tracking their temps?


Bliss - November 10

Hi Sara, I am having white cm, but I think that is from the progestorone suppositories I am taking. I have heard that the yellow/white cm is a good sign toward pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms?


Rene' - November 10

I had IUI on Nov. 1st and 2nd. I will know on Nov. 18th is I am Pregnant. The 2 ww is killing me. I think about it all the time. I have a slight cramp on my left side, sweating at night, dry mouth and a little nausea. Not sure what it all means. My pergesterone was well over 25, so no drugs for that. I am taking a pill ( forgot the name) and a prenantal vitamin. Thats it. I have no known fertility issues, this is the first time I have tried to get pregnant. I am using a sperm donor.
PLease pray for me!!



Mary - November 10

Glad more joined our group! Sounds like most of us will be testing next week or the weekend of the 19-20th! I'm spending the weekend with my 2 nephews so that should make time fly by (and make me want to get pg even more!). I also have lower abdominal pains on my left side. How's everyone else doing? Any s/s?


Bliss - November 10

Hi Mary/Rene, I am curious to see what other symptons you have as the days go by. I am only 4 dpiui so I don't think I am suppose to have any symptoms yet. I do feel a little pings down there on my left and sometimes my right side. I am hoping this weekend I will feel a little more. Wishing you Buckets of Baby Dust.. Keep me posted on how you guys are feeling.



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