Starting Injections tomorrow, anyone else? Need some support
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Carole - May 31

I am starting gonal-f injections tomorrow night. I have not done injections for 5 years. I am also going to do iui with this cycle as well. I am nervous and excited at the same time and trying to be cautiously optimistic. If anyone would like to chit chat about your situation, please share. Thanks!


cmelissa - May 31

Hi Carole,
I will be starting repronex again this cycle, just waiting for AF no show now before i start again!! What's your story?


Lynn - May 31

I am going to begin Follistim + IUI this month if AF decides to show. Mind if I join?


Carole - June 1

Hey Ladies! Thanks for responding. I hope your afs show quickly so you can get the show on the road. I had to take Provera to get mine to start. 2 weeks later it came. Such a long time. Well my drugs came overnight today to the office. Nothing like hiding my stuff in the fridge until I get home. :) I am excited to start but know I have to be reserved as iui is not a guarantee at all. Just hopefully a better chance. My history is lack of period since teenagerhood. I was always on birth control so that I would have cycle. I am 34, Dh is will be 35 next month. Been married almost 9 years. Started ttc beginning of 2000. Went to see a specialist in September of that year. Started doing the clomid thing to no avail. I still wasn't ovulating. In March of 2001 we did injectibles without iui and was unsuccessful. Started taking provera again after a hpt said negative so we could move on to next round of injectibles, this time with iui. Did the next round, waited my 2 weeks and then took hpt, BFP! I couldn't believe it. I was also having exterem m/s. I went to get levels checked and they made me do them twice b/c they came back in the 50,000 range. I was 7 weeks pregnant, not 4 weeks. Everyone was shocked!!! Somewhere in b/w the 2 cycles I got pregnant on my own. So talk about doing hormones, taking pills and doing insemination while pregnant. Weirdest situation. My dr. was shocked. I was ecstatic. Was truly a miracle to me. So I have a beautiful 4 1/2 year old little girl now. She so wants to be a big sis!! I have not been on birth control since I had her. I did however have a period every other month which was better than before. I started again with the specialist last April . We did 2 rounds of clomid in may and June last year. Those didn't work. Went on vacation in July, got pregnant on my own. Had no idea at all. I had been spotting for the couple of weeks after vacation. I did this when I was trying to get my period. Spotting here and there but I was pregnant and didn't know it. NO signs, no symptoms. One night I had a feeling and took a test. BFP! My levels were horrible and I continued to spot. Lost it exactly a week from the day I figured it out. I have been trying every since. Last couple of months have not even had a period at all. Provera has been my friend. Sooooo, here we are, starting the shots tonight. A friend is coming over to help. Dh can't do it. Do either of you guys give yourself the shots? I would love to hear your stories too. I will say lots of prayers for all of us this month. Where are you guys from? I need to get some work done. Talk to you guys later.


Lynn - June 1

Hi Carole....I am from NC. I just turned 38 last month. I am TTC for #1 but dh has 2 children from previous marriage. We have been together for 6 years, married for 3 and have been TTC for a total of 5 years. I am diagnosed with PCOS and I currently am taking metformin (began Oct. 2006). I did clomid Jan. 04 - May 04..nothing. Sold our house in April 04, moved in with friends until end of June 04. When we bought our new house in 2004 and I found out I was pregnant (naturally.. no meds) in July 2004. I miscarried 6 weeks later. I began clomid again Sept 04 until Dec 04 and again nothing. Began seeing an RE Jan. 05. He requested me taking clomid again with him, this time paired with IUI. I did clomid + IUI Jan & Feb of 05... nothing. I did clomid only March and April of 05... nothing. I took a break from meds beginning in April 05 - July 05. In August of 05, I did first round of follistim + IUI and got a BFP. Began bleeding once a day on Labor Day. The RE I was seeing said it was nothing. I had levels check every other day and they were rising. After 6 weeks, had ultrasound and a nurse only saw blood in my uterus. Went and got RE and they both looked, only blood. RE scheduled me with another doctor in his practice 2 weeks later who knew how to use a 3-D ultrasound machine. When I saw him, he said I was not pregnant in my uterus. Next day, I had a D&C and level checked again. After levels came back they were still increasing so I had emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I was not permitted to TTC until Jan 06. In Jan. - March of 06 did femera (oral) and nothing, April 06 injections only.. nothing. May was natural (waiting on AF) and I will be doing injections + IUI in June of I did not get a BFP this month. Sorry so long but that is my story.


cmelissa - June 2

Hey Carole and Lynn,
I'm 28, just starting spotting tonight so I beleive AF is not too far behind now!! Just want it to get here already so I can start up this cycle #3 on repronex - gosh I really hope it works this month!! I was very upset when i got the BFN this month - I get upset every month - but I feel it gets harder with every BFN month after month, I just want this so bad. We have been trying about 15 months. We basically have unexplained fertility, minus that I may not ovulate every month and my cycle was ranging from 32-45 days but I do get my cycle regularly. We tried clomid for 3 months with IUI's and no success so we wanted to try something with a higher chance to get pregnant so we moved onto repronex - praying this works but a little panicked since Cycle 1 and 2 failed. I'mhoping this cycle with 2 IUI's works, you would think with the iuis it would make it so easy to get pregnant. I think my eggs are stubborn!! Well keep me posted!! Lets all pray for BFP this month!! Take Care!!


Carole - June 2

Hey girls! TGIF!!! I am so ready to go home now. I am headed to the gym and then home to straighten up the house so I dont have to do much this weekend. Speaking of exercise, has your RE warned against it. I work out 4-5 times a week. I forgot to ask him but I see others talking about it. I have to tell you what happened lastnight. I had to do my first shot. Never ever given them to myself at all . My girlfriend has a thing about needles. She wanted to come an support me since dh can't do it either. WEll she passed out on me. And I was doing it to myself. It freaked me out. I was scared. She was out for a few minutes. I guess she won't be back tonight. Ha, Ha! We have been laughing about it today but it was serious. Soooo, the needle was rather small, I thought, not too bad. I hope Tuesday hurries up so I can see follies. What have you guys got planned for the weekend? Where are you from? I think it is yard work for us and then a family annual party on Sunday. I will check in over the weekend.


Lynn - June 2

hi, when we are trying with IUI, my RE does limit exercise. You really need to ask or call. I am from NC. Righ now girls, it looks like I will not be doing injections this months. I got a blood test today since I was late and.......I AM PREGNANT. My only concern is we can carry this to term. check back later.


cmelissa - June 3

Lynn congrats!!!! Thats so awesome!! What were you on this past cycle that worked??? Carole - where are you doing the shots? I gave them to myself in the stomach area - it does hurt but now I'm used to it - i do it really fast so its less painful. I used to hate needles - never did i think I'd be doing this!! I actually used to work out a lot too but stopped recently with all this ttc, feel like I have gained a few lbs b/c of that. I would definitely recommend taking it easy after you ovualte for that 2 ww period. Have a great weekend, I will be taking it easy since I have a cold :(. By the way I'm from Virginia!! CONGRATS again Lynn - think positive!


Lynn - June 3

Carol, I used to give my shots in my upper thigh. Thin needles and never hurt. My dh only did HCG shot for me. I have heard that putting an ice cube on the area to numb it will help. cmelissa, I was not using anything this cycle. It was all natural. I did follistim injections with timed sex in April. Since that did not work, I decided to take this month off. Dh decided we would BD for 3 weeks. During each week we had BDing sessions 5 out of 7 days. RE said that was okay because dh did not have any issues. I will still check in if it is okay so I can see how you both are doing.


Carole - June 5

Hey Girls!! OMG!! Lynn that is wonderful. I had read on another thread you were going natural. I guess your husband is excited. I hope and pray everything goes really well. Keep us updated on levels and stuff. Congrats!! Melissa, where is VA do you live. I am in Richmond. I went to Radford and have friends who live in Northern VA. So I have been all over. I am too giving the shots in my stomach. I think I am used to it now. I even looked at the HCG shot to make sure the needle wasn't any bigger and it looks the same. Today I am feeling bloated. I guess the drug is doing its thing. I am curious to see what is going on tomorrow. I have a cyst on my right ovary. I hope that it goes away. I wonder if they will be able to see my full ovary with that thing in the way. I will certainly update when I know how many follies are responding. I am going to ask about the exercising. I can't imagine not going to at least do something..... but we will see what he says. Did you start af yet? I hope you are having a great Monday. Can't wait to hear from you Lynn.


SashaP - June 5

Hi Carole I posted on my anybody on femara thread so you would know. The Dr gave me the ok to try on my own after my first af I'm going to take full advantage of it. I heard some people get pg easier after a m/c. Mentally I'm getting alot better I still have a break down here and there but much better then I was. If I don't get pg the first month then I'm going right back to IUI's. How have you been doing? Do the injection make you emotional or give you mood swings? Congrats Lynn on the BFP thats very exciting and I understand your fears of not carrying to term. I hope this time works out well for you. Thats my fear I m/c'd twins almost 2 weeks ago. It took me 28 months to get pg then I lost them at 8w 1d. So that is my fear for next time. I hope everyone is doing well, good luck ttc. Carole thanks for finding me. Me and DD just e-mail now it's too hard for to keep going on the first trimester board until I get another bfp. Baby dust and belly rubs......


Lynn - June 5

Carole, hey...what other thread were you on that you saw i was doing natural? My levels on Friday were 67.9 for cd 30. My levels on Sunday were 179 for cd 32. Both my OB and RE are excited they more than doubled. My RE has made an appointment for an ultrasound on Monday, June 12th. They said we should be able to see if it is in the uterus. Where are you in your injections? SashaP, I had a m/c in 2004 at 8w and just had an ectopic with emergency surgery Sept. 25, 2005(which resulted in loosing right fallopian tube). We have been TTC for 3.5 years. June was going to be my last month with the RE. He was going to give me my injections so I could pay for an IUI out-of-pocket. We did not have to result to that and I am thankful. I can understand you emotions. It will get a little easier but you will never forget what you lost. Keep me posted. cmelissa, how are you? Are the injections getting better? Keep me posted girls. Talk to you soon.


cmelissa - June 5

Hey Girls,
Well AF did show up and I went in for my dr. appt and found out my ovaries are still swollen from the previous cycle so he wants me to take a break this month so I'm pretty bummed b/c we were planning on taking July off since we will be on vaction a lot.... However Lynn you give me hope since you did all natural this cycle - I hope it works for us too - we will be Bd ing a lot this month and next. Carole - I live in Northern VA - fairfax area. I know some people that went to Radford too - I doubt I know them but what are their names?? Well I will definitely still stay in touch even though I'm taking a break! We move into our new house this weekend so that will keep me busy! I bought some OPK so that can help predict when I ovulate this month. Should be interesting b/c my cycle was so short on the repronex and longer on the clomid.. Well have a great week, will check in tomorrow!!!


Lynn - June 5

cmelissa, do not give up hope. I was helping a friend and becuase I have become so involved with TTC, I have kept everything on a calendar. I counted and we had 13 BDing sessions in 17 days. RE told dh he was not the factor in our case much BDing as we could handle he would support. We started the day after AF left and continued for 2 1...2 one. When I noticed some extra CM, we added a couple more in a row. Who knows....I vote try it if you and dh can handle it. Plus, moving into a new house and vacation are just the perfect distractions. Keep us posted.


Carole - June 6

Hey Girls!! Sasha , I am so glad to see you. I was wondering if you would get my post on the miscarriage board. I have been thinking of you every day hoping you are healing emotionally. I hope you stick around thru your next cycle of ttc. How is DD doing?? You will get better everyday, I promise. I would definitely give it all your effort for your first cycle after AF. I know a couple of girls who got pregnant right off the m/c with no af and are doing great. Please keep me update on you. I will be on night 6 of shots. They have not given me any mood swings at all just bloatedness. I had a follie check today. I have a 11and 10 on the right and a 8 and 8 on the left. He upped my dosage to 225 for Wed. and Thurs night. I will do the 150 tonight. I go back in on Friday for another check and hopefully will know when I am triggering and doing iui. I have a feeling it will be on Sunday which would work out great not having to miss work and dh would be less hurried. My doc is also on call this weekend which is a good thing. Soooo... hoping I have 3-4 follicles past 16 to give me a good chance. MELISSA: I am sorry to hear about having to wait but you know they won't risk it. I too was trying this month due to vacation in July. So much going on in the summer. Please don't go away, your ovaries will be back in good shape in no time. LYNN: I think I was reading on Follistim injections, I think you started that one in April. I have been reading on all of the injections/iui threads for a while. Congrats on your numbers. That is awesome about your levels. Will they continue to monitor them or just wait for ultrasound? I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. I have my fingers crossed for you that this will be your healthy pregnancy and you will have a little one soon. Thanks for all the support. I think my 2ww will be torturous but I will have to busy myself with things to do. I asked the dr. about exercise. He told me that he will have me curb it quite a bit in the 2 weeks after iui but I can do what i normally do for the rest of the week. Guess I will be closet cleaning for the 2ww. Ha, Ha! :)


Mega - June 6

Hi ladies. I hope you don't mind me popping in here. I just read thru Sasha's post. Sasha--I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your m/c. What a rough time you must be going through. Hang in there. I came in here originally b/c I'm in the 2 ww right now from my 2nd Repronex/IUI cycle. I produced 5 follies this time, usually (even on Repro) I get 1. So I'm happy about that response at least. Carole--your follies sound like they're off to a great start! Lynn--Congrats! on the BFP. How exciting. Have a healthy, happy 9 mos.



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