Starting Injections - part 3
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soimpatient - October 31

Lucky #3...bring on the BFPs!!


soimpatient - October 31

I hope that you girls find me here!


Lynn - November 1

hey girls.....Happy Halloween!!! I am not much into the spirit as i am tired. i even had little baskets for my kids and totally forgot to hand them out today. oh well, maybe after the baby i'll get more into the spirit. Mega, i did not test when i thought i was, i called OB for a blood test and let them tell me. i was tired of seeing a single line. as i said before, i did not have any signs until 6 wks along. cmelissa, congrats on an aunt again. how nice. so sister has 2 boys? she is the one in Atlanta right? keep us posted ont he meds. Kot, i vote maybe asking for something to begin AF. i do not recall any issues after my LAP but it might have been different since they were ending an ectopic pregnancy. i also was on metformin which made my cycles 28 days exactly. SO, your appointment is this month also. keep us posted on that. Carole, i completely understand how you are feeling about this pregnancy. i was soooo scared. i explained my issues with my OB and he put me on a biweekly schedule from the beginnning. i also thought about a doppler but as Mega pointed out, if i did it wrong, i did not want to freak me out. i figured since he checked every other week...i could deal with that. well, paperwork for school to do so chat later.


soimpatient - November 1

Goodmorning girls! I'm just bumping this one up to the top! Have a great day! p.s. it is really weird, I checked my cervix today and it seems to be pretty high and open! Who knows, maybe I will O for the first time on a break cycle! I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it is so hard not too.


Mega - November 1

Good morning ladies! Yay, a new thread. Thanks So! The signs sound good for a possible O, it would be hard not to get your hopes up a bit for that. Are you just checking cervix position & CM? What about your temp? Keep BD just in case. How's your cyst--any pain lately? Maybe it's shrinking? Lynn--I hear you on the single lines on the HPT. It's so demotivating, a BFN every time. I think though when I finally get my + beta then I'll take a HPT just to see the double line for once. For fun! Did you get a lot of trick or treaters last night? Are you officially in your 3rd tri yet? That's coming up soon, right? Is sleeping getting uncomfortable, is that why you're so tired now? Or just plain old pg exhaustion? Is Sydney becoming an acrobat yet? Moving around alot? Maybe you can pass out the Halloween baskets to the kiddies today, a post Halloween treat. :) Cmel--2 nephews, how fun. Oh you're going to have so much fun on your trip to Atlanta! Kot--I hope your cycle gets straightened out soon. Any sign of AF--cramping etc?


cmelissa - November 1

Hey Ladies - hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! My sister had her baby last night at 12:56am - a healthy little boy named Reese Andrew 7lbs. 4oz !!! Lynn yes she lives in Atlanta! My sil is having her baby boy on the 9th of this month. I already have 4 nephews and 3 nieces so I need to get pregnant soon so they are close to all their cousins!! Oh so the weirdest thing happened to me last night - i started getting horrific cramps where i had to be in the fetal position , heating pad, advil, everything - well this happened between 11-1am, well my sis said she had the worst part of her labor during that time how weird right?? I mean what else could it be from the bcp's b/c i'm off my period now. Soimpatient - thanks for starting a new thread! I'm sure we will fill it up quickly! Well i will check in later! Its so nice here today low 70s for Nov. can hardly beleive it!!


Mega - November 1

Wow Cmel, that's very weird! Cool though, well except that you were in so much pain (& your sis too obviously). Sounds like you & your sister are very close. That's great! And congrats on the newest member of your fam! Reese Andrew, what a great name.


ChristinaC - November 1

Mega! I found you girlie, have a couple of questions about Femara..


cmelissa - November 1

Mega yeah me and sis are very close. She is 31, turns 32 Nov 20th! I cant wait to see the baby - i'm waiting anxiously for them to email pics too!! Yeah very weird story about my cramps i know! How's the 2ww going for you??


Mega - November 1

Christina--Hey lady! Join us on this thread. :) What's up? What're your questions on Femara? Did you get my response to your email yet? Cmel--That's great that you & your sis are so close. I'm an only child. Hate it! I'm close to my DH's sister though, we drop the whole IL part & just call each other sis. Your sister just got a wonderful early b-day present. What a great way to ring in her 32nd b-day. And wasn't her original due date the day before her bday? How funny! If I get pg this cycle, not only would my beta be shortly before my MIL's b-day but the baby would be due a couple of days before my mom's b-day. She'd love that present! B-days tend to run in the family, so weird how that works. My 2 WW is going pretty good. 1/2 way done now. And really this is a breeze compared to last cycle. Though we'll see how I am next week. LOL! Oh ladies, good news. My beta is moved up to 11/9 because the satelite office closer to my home is closed on the 10th so instead of going to the main office close to downtown for my beta on the 10th the nurse said I could come in a day early.Yay! The things that make us excited these days!!!


cmelissa - November 1

Mega wow the 9th will be here quickly - just think only a week from tomorrow!! Wish me luck in my consult tomorrow - i usually tend to get upset there - i just want some answers and its always hard with unexplained. I'd like to do the AH but i think its a few grand more of course - hey whats money right, haa!


soimpatient - November 1

Hi ladies! Mega, I'm happy that your blood test was moved up. Now I don't have to wait as long to find out "the news" wow, i'm really selfish:) Melissa, congrats on your new nephew! I have 6 neices & nephews and I also hope that I get pg soon so that they can be close in age. Well, I peed on an opk and I got a "near" positive! The test line is just slightly lighter than the control line! I'm so excited! I must be at the beginning of my surge! YAYAYAYAAY! I will be so excited if I O! It would be the first time that I am in the TWW. I'm also temping so I should know within the next few days! Is there anything that I can do in the meantime to help me have a healthy O?


Mega - November 1

So--I'm glad you're happy about my closer beta date. Don't want to leave you in suspense. LOL! You always crack me up! And you're going to be my 2 ww buddy, sounds like. Yippee yay!!! A near + does sound like your levels are rising. So hmmm, to have a healthy O, I'd suggest BD, BD, BD first & foremost. Exhaust your DH! Also it might be a little late but you could start taking Robitussin (plain Robitussin only) to thin your EWCM out even more. I've heard grapefruit juice can help too. Stop after you've O'ed though. After you O, but stopping when (IF!) you get AF, you can try taking 1 baby aspirin a day, helps get blood flow to your uterous. Just a few things to try. Now stop reading this post & ravage your DH! Seriously, I hope that an O is in your near future. Cmel--Good luck tomorrow at your consult appt. It's okay to get upset, a BFN is an emotional thing. Bring tissues. I'm sure the dr is used to that. But the important thing is you're going to get answers, needed answers. Please try to squeeze in time tomorrow afterwards to update us. I know it's hard when you're off to do that, all those errands etc. Tomorrow will be my 1/2 point til beta day, that's wild. Well I'm outtie ladies. Have a wonderful, super duper evening. So--get to it! :)


Lynn - November 2

Mega, way to go on the beta move. funny you say POAS after you get the + beta. I did that....i have seen a + HPT before but that was when it ended in my ectopic. this time i did beta, no HPT and after 6wks and heartbeat, POAS and then i did it again later so i can double check still being pregnant. i know....silly. cmelissa, GL on appointment. stay calm and vent if you need to. i have fallen to tears many times with my RE. i know they are used to it. i always felt bad but then again, i wanted him to know i was human and the pain of mot being pregnant was real. again...silly, i know. So, thanks for the new start and i know this is a good thing for everyone. how is your time going? i am with Mega....bring on the BDing girl. i would begin ASAP just to cover all my bases. KOT, what did you decide about the meds you got from the states? did you see your doctor? i am 26wks along so i believe 3rd trimester is at 28wks. i am pretty much in shock that i may have only 12wks left. well, guess i need to tackle my mound of paperwork. later girls


Mega - November 2

12 weeks! Lynn, when you put it like that, it doesn't sound to terribly far away does it? Amazing! Almost in your 3rd tri, very exciting. No, I can totally understand POAS to reassure yourself that you're still pg. I'm sure I'll do the same thing, silly maybe but totally normal. :) The nurse at the office I'll be going to for the beta always gives an urine test before the beta too. I'll probably give in & do that one but I'm afraid since it's a work day that if it's a BFN I'll be hopeless at work. Too sad to be productive. Well I'll cross that bridge later I guess. But definitely no HPTs at home. Kot--Still no signs of AF? The waiting & wondering is no fun! Hang in there. Hope you get an answer soon. So--Any + OPK yet? C'mon surge!!! Cmel--Thinking of you today. Hope your consult goes well & the RE has an even better plan for this cycle.


Lynn - November 4

how is everyone?


soimpatient - November 4

Good morning ladies...well, I don't think that I o'd afterall:( Can you please have a look at my chart and let me know what you think? maybe it is just too early to tell. On my piczo site I posted pics of the opks (at the bottom of the page). I have been taking two a day. The two on the left are from Wednesday and the two on the right are from Tuesday. I never got a "true" positive but it was soooo close. Let me know what you think. Maybe I got an lh surge and never released an egg. Urgh, this is so frustrating. I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to go for my lap at the end of the month. Sorry for rambling...oh ya, here's my piczo site



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