Starting injections 8/19, anybody else?? Need support!
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Tracy88 - August 18

I'm starting injectables this weekend and a little nervous. Didn't know if anyone was in the same boat? or just had advice to give?


baby1234 - August 18

Hi there. I did clomid and 4 days of injectables last month. I will start injectables again in about 2 weeks. I know the nervous feeling about giving yourself shots. It seemed a little sureal while I was doing it. My doctor suggested that I hold an ice cube on the spot for a minute to numb the area before I inject. I let my husband do that part while I got the needle/meds ready. Then I just did it. I have to say that it really doesn't hurt except maybe for the initial sting/prick of the needle. The needle is really thin. If you use an ice cube, you won't even feel that. Some people say that the meds sting a little when you inject them, but I didn't feel that either, especially because the area was numb. It seems much worse than it actually is, and once you have the first one done, you'll be a pro. Good luck.


Tracy88 - August 18

Thanks for the tips. Any input is greatly appreciated. This is a big step for any of us to undertake, so I know I am not alone and love any support or advice anyone has to offer. Thanks again!!!!


Janice08 - August 18

Hi Tracy, I have gone through IVF and had to do injectables myself for that. The main thing I would say is relax. The needle isn't large and all I felt was a slight prick as the needle went in - hardly nothing at all. After the first time, its easy! i kind of "pinched" the skin first and held it like that until the needle was in so it made it easier. I think baby1234's idea of ice cube is great - I wish I'd had her advice before I did mine! Good luck! The initial thought is always worse than the actual experience.


Tracy88 - August 18

Thanks for the support Janice! And the pinching tip sounds like I good one too!


cmelissa - August 18

HI Ladies,
Janice did you get pregnant from the IVF?? Tracy I just finished a cycle of injectobles and i'm in the 2ww now - just a little sting, you get used to it and its not that bad! Baby dust to all of us!!


Janice08 - August 19

Hi CMelissa, yes I did get pg from my 3 x IVFs but unfortunately miscarried each. I do have a son about to turn 12 with whom i fell pg naturally so I am blessed but i would LOVE to have another. Trying again naturally at moment but if fails then IVF again in a few months. Thanks for asking.

Good luck to everyone - it's hard but the support here is great!


cmelissa - August 19

Hi Janice - so sorry about your miscarriages! The good thing is you can get pregnant from the ivf - I may have to do ivf next cycle so I'm praying it works for me!!! Did you do the shard risk program?? I know ivf is expensive. Tracy how are you doing?


Janice08 - August 19

No I didn't do shared risk but I think it is a fantastic idea. IVF isn't so bad, the worst thought is doing the injections, but if you have done them already, it will be easy!! I know IVF is expensive but what price can you put on a baby if it is successful?!!

Good luck and hope that you are lucky this month and you can spend your IVF money on buying baby clothes!


Janice08 - August 19

Oh and by the way, Good luck Tracy!


Tracy88 - August 19

Thanks guys! I just came home from work and gave myself my first injection. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it! I hesitated like 3 times and then I just said," Oh well, what the hell." and stabbed myself. It's so weird giving yourself a shot. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the rest of you!


cmelissa - August 20

Tracvy - i felt the same way giving myself shots, I almost don't look and then press it in really quick so it doesn't hurt - it sometimes stings when the meds go in, but you get used to it!! GL!!


Tracy88 - August 20

Did you experience any headaches from the injections? I have a headache today, but don't know if it's from having a cold and in my sinuses, if it's because it's a dreary, muggy rainy day, or if it's hormones. I'm gonna take some advil and see if it helps. I took some robitussin this morning, but apparently that didn't help.


cmelissa - August 21

Tracy - no i didn't get any headaches from the meds!! Hopefully its just from the weather :)



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