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tanner789 - January 19

i am so nervous, i dont know if i cant stick myself with that needle, and my hubby works afternoons so he out. i really dont know what to expect is it bad. will i get side effects from it? please help i am taking gonal f 450iu, also need to know how much on the dial to turn-help


cspears99 - January 19

Hi Tanner I am sorry I can't help you, but let me know how it is, I am going start for the first time as well when my period comes, hopefully around the 2nd of Feb, I wish you the best, I am also nervous to start my injections my husband is just not good around needles, it will be okay though, good luck let me know how it goes, didn't you get a dvd to watch when they gave you the meds?? if not go to, they show you step by step how to do it, good luck!!


tanner789 - January 19

i will let you know, they did give me an injection class and also i watched the video, i think i'm just so obsessed with the shots my brain is scared i'll do the worng thing, but ithink i figured it all out tonight, and i have my u/s and bw in am so i will clarify with them too-thanks good liuck to you


Tracy88 - January 19

I had to give myself the shots too and I was sooo afraid, but...........nothing to be afraid of ladies! It really doesn't hurt at all. The hardest part is getting over the fear of sticking yourself with the needle.


Tink - January 19

i did follistim for 2 IUI cycles- i couldn't give it to myself, even though it was easy with the pen.....DH had to go out of town for work, so my sister would come help me, but then i finally got up the courage to do it and it was a cinch, actually hurt less than when DH does it. I think because i do it very fast, he is afraid of hurting me and goes slower, which actually hurts more. isn't bad at all. just give it a try once- prep it all, turn the dial (your doc will tell you which dose to turn it too), then just stab it in quick like a dart. it is not bad at all. i am a pro now, which is good, since i'll be giving myself 3 shots a day for IVF. as for side effects- i felt much better on the injectables than on clomid. i didn't have the headaches and hot flashes as bad. i did get dizzy sometimes. but overall, the clomid had much worse side effects than the shots. you will feel very bloated probably if you develop a lot of follies around o time. good luck


Tracy88 - January 20

I agree with Tink....the side effects from clomid were awful for me, and the shots were way better. That's one reason why I stooped clomid after three months and moved to a specialist.....because I hated clomid and wanted to check out other options.


tanner789 - January 20

well my first shot was tonight, i dont know what i worried about it was a piece of cake, didnt even feel it go in, the worst was coming out because it kinda stuck for a second, but that was all. but ever since the shot my right ovary has had some mild twinges and been uncomfotable do you think it could be the shot already working? did you ladies exp this. as for clomid i am on that too, i havent had side effects except hot flashes and sometimes really emotuional during tww. i'm hoping these shots are as aggresive as the dr warned me about i was prepared for multiple birth stories and how aggresive this med is, if thats the case why do so many women still have trouble conceving on it? i do hope first timesa charm, good luck to all of you and your fertility plans.


mommy2josh - January 20

Tanner, last night I had to give myself a trigger shot for the first time, and just like you I was very nervous and after it was all done, I realized that I worried for nothing. 3-5 Minutes later I became very awar of my ovaries. I cant believe that it works so fast. Good luck :)


cspears99 - January 20

Hi Tanner congrats, I guess that means your u/s and b/w went well yesterday?? I am getting sort of excited to start and nervous but trying to feel very positive, I wish you the best, keep my updated, you have to go in every morning for b/w and u/s right then give the shots between 7-9 at night? that is what my schedule is supposed to be, good luck!!!


tanner789 - January 20

i have an u/s and bw about every two days i just had one fri so on mon i go and i think depending on the follicles when you come back again. they didnt tell me what time to do the shots i did it yesterday aboiut 5:00 and plan on keeping it at that time so its accurate-let me know when you start yours cspears


Tracy88 - January 21

When I was on the shots they told me to do them about 7pm every night because.....if they wanted to change or up my dose and more meds were needed they could call it in and they would be shipped to me by the next evening.


luve - January 21

taking the shots is soooo easy. i went to the dr. today and they said i have 3 follicles on each side..but they upped my dose to have me get more follicles. i give the shot everymorning...and it is soooo easy. it doesn't hurt at all..nothing hurts as long as it works! good luck to you allllllll...


tanner789 - January 21

luve-what day are you on for giving the shots. i had an ultrasound fri b/c thurs was my last nite of clomid and when i saw my right ovary it was filled with eggs and my left had a few too. when you say they saw three follies this may seem dumb but where they in the ovaries still or in fallopian tubes??? in the past clomid didnt produce big enough follies they were way underdeveloped, so i'm hoping theses shots do something, was it a good sign they saw eggs in my ovaries or will you see that on any woman no matter what.



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