Starting first round of clomid Oct 23... anyone else?
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krista - October 23

Hi i was just curious if there was anyone else out there who's starting clomid tomorrow Oct 23rd to share symptoms and side effects with??? i'm a little nervous about the mood swings!


stacy - October 23

yeh i have started yesterday on 22nd , i am on 50 mg clomid.
i dont have any symptoms yet. when r u going for ur sonogram.???


Lynn - October 23

Starting mine tomorrow. 50 mg days 3-7. First time...very nervous. Are you taking them at night?


Krista - October 23

i'm taking mine in the morning. acutally just took one. i dont have a sonogram scheduled. i just have to make a drs appt for cd 21 for blood work to see if i ovulated then actually see my dr on cd 25. i'm not sure what happens on that visit probably talk about whether i O'd or not. this is all so new to me i dont know what's going to happen! i'm sure the clomid will work great, i acutally just o'd on my own a couple weeks ago but it was the first time i did in three months so my dr thinks this will jump start me. sure hope this is the month! Stacy what is your sonogram for?


Lynn - October 24

Well, i took first pill this morning...anyone having any side effects yet? I didnt know how long it would take it to get in my system good.


stacy - October 24

i have my sonogram to see my follicles i am going on 13 day of my ovulation that is on 1st nov.i will let u know what happened...


hather*s - October 24

Krista on cd21 i think doc will do progestrone level check.
for stacy.. doc will do sonogram & then ur blood test


krista - October 25

hi all, second day on clomid. i was a little moody today at work but now that i'm home i'm fine so i dont know if that was a side effect or me just being crabby and irritated from people at work. who knows... my mom said she never got side effects from clomid but everyone is different. i painted the future baby's room yesterday! i know i'm not even pg yet but i like to be prepaired and i'm trying to stay positive. nesting gives me something to do so i dont go crazy waiting all the time. hope everyone is doing well. its nice to have other people to go thru this crazy stuff with. baby dust!!!


Lynn - October 25

So far so good, no side effects yet--today is day two!!


krista - October 26

i had bad hot flashes today! mood swings a little bit too. its day three for me. i hope it doesnt get much worse! its worth it though if it works! how is everyone else feeling?


stacy - October 26

today is my last day of clomid, i am praying that it works....We will do our work& we will see whats in our store.


Lynn - October 27

Well today is cd 6--day of clomid. I felt like tingling tinkling sensations last night in my low abdomen!?!? Has anybody had that before from clomid? It felt funny...not painfull though!!!!


Lynn - October 27

I forgot to put in there day 4 of clomid


Staci - October 27

Hey girls! I just started my first cyle of clomid today. 50 mg and cd 1. Hope you don't mind if I join in! Baby dust to you all!


krista - October 29

welcome staci! my last day of taking clomid was on wednesday. i'm charting and so far my temps have been very steady. i hope thats a good sign since my temps were all over the place before on my last long cycle. Lynn, i had tingeling in my lower abdomen too, it was weird because it almost felt like an O pain but it couldnt be already. i think its things prepairing or something. i just hope its a good sign! i hope we all get pg this month! it seems a lot of people i know are having dreams about me getting pg this month. my hubby had a dream that i got pg two weeks after i started clomid which would be about correct if i do O and my mom just had a dream last night that i had a boy who had a long skinny body like i had when i was born and he only cried when he was wet... what details! i hope these dreams are a good sign! i keep praying it is. well keep me up to date everyone, i love to hear how everyone is doing. baby dust and God bless!


Lynn - October 29

Well today is cd8...feeling temps have been 97.6 steady then jumped to 97.9 to back down to 97.4 this morning.....I know I couldnt have o'd yet though....but to me it seems weird that my temp jumped from 97.6 to 97.9 then way low....???


Krista - October 29

Lynn, your temps sound like they are ok. sometimes they will jump up and down for whatever reason. if it does it more often then i think it might mean something but who really knows for sure. some women dont even have a steady enough pattern to detect ovulation or any pattern at all. do you use fertilityfriend to chart??? i love that website. i just started checking my cervix today too. thats pretty interesting stuff. i never knew that lump i felt up there was my cervix and neither did dh! its amazing how much you learn about your body ttc.



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