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LIZELLE - February 23

Hi girls. I started with the 20 unites Lupron SQ Sunday the 19th. I'm wondering if any one else started too so we can go through this together? I'm having a terrible time. It is hard to inject myself and it is only getting worse. In 7 days I have to get i IM and 2 SQ a day. It is overwhelming.
I quit smoking too on Sunday, had to quit my Zoloft and sleeping pills. I'm a mess. I'm moody, I cry, I haven't slept in 3 days. Is this a normal transission? I would love some advise please... The only thing that is keeping me going is my DH and the thought of having a baby by the end of the year...


your not alone. - February 24

I'm not on ivf but I've been doing the shots in my tummy. This is my 3rd cycle on shots. I give them once a day at night starting cd 3 or cd 6 depending on what RE says the protocol for the month is. They do get much easier. I do them myself. I have a book on meds and pregnancy put out by mother risk at sick kids in toronto and checked your zoloft and it says it is probably safe, which they define as no evidence that the drug is dangerous to the fetus and the info showing it to be safe is rather large. Here, the benefit/risk assessment will be weighted and in most cases in favor of using the medicine. Give them a call at 416-813-6780 or check them online at my understanding it is better to be not depressed while trying/being pregnant and on the med than off it and being depressed. So perhaps you can go back on it. CAll the help line they are fantastic. I have serious medical probs and on some tough meds and they helped me through them and suggested safe alternatives etc.


Justine1 - February 25

Lizzelle - So sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I went through IVF with ICSI (due to male infertility) this time last year and found it really hard, esp. emotionally. I never thought it would work but I now have a baby girl called Sophie from our 1st attempt - hopefully you'll get a baby too from this IVF. There are lots of girls going through IVF now on the IVF2 thread which I'm also on - we'ld love to see you there. Sending you lots of hugs and lots of baby dust.


miranda - February 27

i just got af today so ill be on birth control for 21 days then ill start lupron then follistim...we are doing our ivf with icsi in the beginning of april.....i just wanted to hear a few stories of how the meds feel(do they burn) and how they affected you emotionally.....and how many people got it the first try...i am a 22 yr old(23 in march) with dr said it would be like working with a 34 or 35 yr olds eggs but they are pretty sure they can get it the 1st try...i hope dust to all...


Justine1 - February 27

Miranda - I got pregnant on my first ICSI a month before I was 32. Hope it works for you first-time too. I did different injections as I live in the UK, didn't burn but needles hurt for 5 mins or so each night as I'm thin. Slouching helps if you're thin so it goes into fat not muscle. Emotionally its very hard - not the drugs especially just the process. But it worked for me and I now have a lovely baby girl. If you're only 22 I'd think your chances should be excellent.


Zizi - February 27

Hello. I just had egg retrival on thursday and I had 8 eggs and 7 of them fertilized. My doctor told me that I will have fifth day transfer because I have 7 fertilized eggs. I am 28 years old and I've been trying to get pregnant for three years. We have unexplained fertility problem. Tomorrow, I am going for embryo transfer. I'm really hoping it will work. I already had three cyles of clomid with IUI's and three cyles of Follistm with IUI's. I have not been responding to medicine good and I always had only one or two eggs. But for IVF treatment, Lupron helped a lot, I got 8 eggs. Right now I cry for anything. I really don't mind, as long it works, otherwise I will go nuts.


miranda - March 2

has anyone had hsg, endo biopsy and mock transfer? i have mine tuesday and im kind of nervous....fear of pain



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