Starting First Clomid cycle today!!
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Liz9759 - November 30

Hi I started clomid on 18th Nov being day 2 of the cycle. Dr put me on day 2-6. Had no side effects. I am on day 14. DR Said to try on day 12, 14 & 16 due for a blood test on day 21. I have a feeling that it has not worked. I dont think I have ovulated.will soon find out. Also I have found out that my brother in-law's wife is 3 months preg. I was very upset.


tk07 - November 30

i am sorry Liz, it is so hard to hear that someone close to you is pregnant when you are trying so hard. that has happened to me 3 times in the last 8 months!
your Dr. didn't do an u/s at all? that is what mine does to make sure that i have larger follicles and to see if my uterus is responding ok. your progesterone test will tell you for sure though too. i had a perfect cycle last month and it didn't happen for me :(
but you are only on cd14, you could still O! good luck!!!!!baby dust to everyone!!!!!!!!


hem - December 7

Hi, I Just wanted to find the average Luteal phase while on clomid 50 mg. This is my first cycle on clomid and took it on d 5 - 9, ovulated on cd 19 and today is 15 dpo. I have been having very light nausea and tiredness since the past 4 or 5 days but don know whether it is any symptom or is just my imagination. Has anyone had nausea on clomid that too after 12 or 13 dpo. But i feel all other symptoms as if i am approaching menstruation (leg pain, hip pain etc..) If the temps remain elevated after 18 dpo, it is said that the chances for pregnancy are higher. But does the same thing work while on meds like clomid. I am just thinking of taking a pregnancy test after 18 dpo but am so afraid and tensed that i might get a negative response. Plsssssssss help me on this..............


tk07 - December 7

Hi, i am only in my second month of clomid 4dpo, but last month my luteal phase was 14 days, which was longer than it was before clomid, it was only 11 days. how long was your phase before clomid? i think it can extend it a bit.
good luck though!!! hopefully this is your month!


o0fuk_authority0o - December 7

ive been taking metformin for abotu 2 years off an on an have been taking it steady sence nov 2nd.. an my dr's plan is to start me on clomid in the end of january or begining of febuary.. things is that i havent had my period sence july 6th.. before my dr gave me some pills that made me start my period but not ovulate.. u think she'll do that agian?.. an she didnt metion to me that it could thin my uterus lining.. should i also be worried about that?.. i was really excited ta start it.. sence i heard alot of people have had good results with it.. but now im not to sure.. also i hear everyone talking about taking there temps.. should i start doing that too?


hem - December 7

hi tk07, i am starting this as a new post since there are not many responses here. pls chk under the post "extended luteal phase while on clomid". Hi o0fuk_authority0o , i think u should start chating your basal body temperature from now on. Bcos charting not only helps you to fhave a track of your ovulation but also helps u identify many other problems like a luteal phase defect, low progestrone, low estrogen etc..chk out the importance of charting by clicking this link. . hope this helps you. And i don understand why your doctor wants u to wait to take clomid till jan, if u are trying for a baby now. Anyway uterine lining thinning does not happen immediately after starting clomid. There are many women who concieve on the first month on clomid. So start with a confidence that u are going to make it the first month. Anything with a less confidence or too much bothering would only develop stress in you.


o0fuk_authority0o - December 7

hem.. thanx for the reply.. my dr said she wants me to be taking metformin for about 3 months with out stoping.. i used to take it for about a month then stop because she was having me take it 3 times a day.. an i was suposed to eat before takin it.. an it was tough for me sence i only eat about 2 times a day.. so this time around she has me taking 4 500mg of metformin hci extended release tablets.. 1 time a day.. which is making it alot easier.. so she was saying that sence i have psos taken metformin for about 3 months before clomid will make me have a better chance.. dose that make sence?.. i've been trying to get prego for 2 years with the same dr.. an before it was the same thing metformin.. an i finaly asked her about clomid an she said yeah..that sounds good.. so i duno.. thanx for the link.. im aboutto check it out now.. anyone else have any advice?


hem - December 7

anyway tk07, i started charting my temps only from july and had not been ovulating properly before that. In july after stopping bcp's (took it for 3 months) i did ovulate without any meds & my luteal phase was only 10 days and after that i have ovulated only now. now today is 16 dpo. and good luck to you o0fuk_authority0o..


hem - December 8

hi tk07, o0fuk_authority0o, chkd and got a bfp today. just so exciting and unbelievable that we finally made it to that positive. hope this sticks. i don think there is too much a risk of miscarriage while on clomid. anyway shld confirm this with my doctor. thx for all ur help..


tk07 - December 9

yay! hem!!!!! that is awesome!
congrats to you!!!!
yay, that gives me some hope too!!
i am only 6dpo today though.


o0fuk_authority0o - December 31

congrats hem... i with your the best.. i started charting my bbt an there always way diffrent either way lower or higher??.. so maybe im not doing it right or somthing.. any advice???


tk07 - January 1

hi, what do you mean way lowere or way higher? different each month? or daily?
it is so important to take your temp at the same time or at least within a half hour everyday. and for you to put the thermometer in at the same spot too. do you have a bbt thermometer? they actually do work better than the regular ones, and it should be digital too. i am anal and use both and chart both! just to check for temp flukes. good luck to you!



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