Starting First Clomid cycle today!!
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TTCPixie - November 9

I am very excited and very scared all at the same time. I am starting Clomid today, I didnt think that I would get to start until next month but ended up talking to my Dr, and we are starting today, 100mg days 2-6. I am hoping that the side effects wont be too horrible. My dr says take med at night and it should ease most of the side effects. She said that the most common complaint is nausea and hot flashes, what side effects has everyone had with using Clomid?? I would love to have twins! Though one would be awesome as well. :-) I hope that is a side effect that I get! Dr says my chances are 10-15% based on past med history and the use of Clomid..... anyways, I really hope to get to know some of the regular posters on here, I dont really have alot of people to chat with and its nice to meet some people that are going through similar things!! Baby Dust to all. :-)

Oh - does anyone here pay for the VIP edition of Fertility Friend?? I was just curious.


linds99 - November 9

Hi TTCPixie, good luck this cycle. Hope your response is good. (I took clomid 3 cycles and generated good sized follicles each time ranging from 18-22 mm, but that darn drug thinned out the lining of my uterus too much by the third cycle) I hope you have better luck with it! (I had no symptoms with clomid other than seening these weird light rays at night, it changed my night vision for a few days...that was it and it elevated my temps for a few days.)


TTCPixie - November 9

Linds99 - I am having blood tests done every 3 weeks and ultrasounds at pre-ovulation per my dr and we are going to try for 3 months.... I have read that this drug can cause uterine thinning, which can lead to misccarriage. That almost scares me as much as not getting pregnant again. :-(


hapistuff - November 9

Dear TTCPixie,
I started my first and hopefully last round of Clomid last Mon. Oct 31st. My side-effects were hot-flashed, sharp pains in my lower back, and mild headaches. I ended up having to give myself a shot of Ovidrel this Wed Nov.8th to induce ovulation.
Good luck to you and to all.


Lin - November 11

TTCPixie, I just started clomid this month as well. I'm on cd 5 right now and started it cd 3. Dh and I have been ttc since October 05 and finally went to see an RE last month. In retrospect, we probably should have done it sooner, given that we're in our mid-30s, but our insurance wouldn't have paid for anything before a year anyway. Regarding the thinning of the lining - my doc gave me estradiol to take after the clomid, which is supposed to help protect the lining. Mine is already slightly thin as it is. Oh, and yes, I do pay for the VIP on FF.


tk07 - November 11

hello! i am 8dpo in my first month of clomid, so far so good! i had really bad hot flashes and almost night sweats. but they stopped a couple days after my last pill. i am hoping to be lucky this month! i had an u/s pre ovulation and my dr said my uterus was responding very well and i did have 2 follies, one was 25 and he didn't say the other size but it was also big! i just had a progesterone test yesterday so i won't know the results until monday.
i don't pay the extra on fertility friend, it does the basics without it, it would be nice to have, but i don't think it is worth it!
good luck to you and i hope you don't have any side effects (besides the twins of course!)


chandellina - November 12

hi ladies, i have just completed my second round of clomid, 50mg cd2-6. my dr said great results last month - i had 3 follicles, 23.5mm, 18mm and 19mm and my uterine lining was actually thicker than it's been in natural cycles, at 13mm. the strange thing for me was it made my cycle very short. i o'd around cd13 and got af 12 days later. hopefully i will see him for a scan this week and can ask about that. i didn't have any side effects this month, no elevated temps or anything. i do think it made me put on a few pounds though. not really sure how that works, guess it's just bloating because i wasn't eating more and have gotten lots of exercise.


Tammy_R - November 17

I just started my 1st round of Clomid today. The Dr. warned me about headaches & hot flashes... nothing so far, although I only took it 2hours ago. Good luck everyone.


chandellina - November 17

today i had two follicles, 17mm and 19mm. i also got a trigger shot to do in case i don't get a positive opk in the next two days.


hrush79 - November 19

I took 50 mg clomid last month. My side effects were very mild. I was a little weepy and moody to say the least. I dont believe that I conceived on the clomid. Right when my period after the clomid was to begin, I had very dark brown spotting for 2 days and have had no period. I took a home pregnancy test the day after my period was due and it came back negative. I hope the clomid works for you. I will keep my fingers crossed


Tenk - November 19

TTCPixie, I talked to you on the Multiples board, I took clomid CD1-5 at 100mg and had ++ OPK on CD 15, 16, and 17, and got a BFP on 11dpo. I'm 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. GL


tonyaandjoe - November 19



tonyaandjoe - November 19

i am due to take 100mg clomid this week d 5-9


tonyaandjoe - November 21

can anyone help me with my questions.


tk07 - November 21

Hi, DPO is days pass ovulation.
i am taking 50 mg on days 3-7 and i am in my second month of taking it, only on cycle day 4 though! what other questions did you have?


iampg - November 21

i'm on to IUI # 2. no side effects from clomid - but i responded well to it. the ovidrell really amped up the symptoms - gas, bloating & cramps. i started spotting 12 dpo. i'm getting my progesterone checked today. good luck everyone!


Liz9759 - November 30

Hi I started clomid on 18th Nov being day 2 of the cycle. Dr put me on day 2-6. Had no side effects. I am on day 14. DR Said to try on day 12, 14 & 16 due for a blood test on day 21. I have a feeling that it has not worked. I dont think I have ovulated.will soon find out. Also I have found out that my brother in-law's wife is 3 months preg. I was very upset.



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