starting clomid when do u ovulate
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michelle - March 3

how strange jb, i was inthe maldives this time last year too, it was the 1st of march my eptopic, they were excellent, it was a private hospital, very friendly and clean. i also heard i got the best medical treatment there is!!!
i bet your wedding was lovely, what island did you stay on? we was in kuramathi village it was beautiful!
are any of you on msn?? it would be easier to chat as i get lost on here !!!
shan- it is frustrating.. we just have to hang in there.. i've got a good feeling it will happen for me soon... things could be worse, i have a friend on clomid and also her husband has a low and no sperm count, i really feel for her as chances for her are very low.!x


michelle - March 3

shan how did you get on today?
yes mine is monday , counting the days!!!


jb - March 3

Went to Meeru islands for a week then spent 2 weeks in plantation club in seychelles so was brown enough when we got married!!haha xx I love the maldives want to try a diff island this time one with a sea plane as the boat trip made me ill!! x


michelle - March 4

yeahwe went on a sea plane it was great.....
what forum you mainly on, can't seem to find you or shan?


jb - March 4

I was post then do some house work then come back and check messages! multi tasking now!haha Yr lucky you went on sea plane the boat was horrible and it took over an hour to get to the island with loads of rocking and bumping!!!! Anyone got any updats? Shell have u had a positive ovulation test yet??? Im on day 7 seem to be dryer and getting hot sweats do the symptoms ever stop??? On cough mixture now to thin the mucus as its drying right out!haha


rachel - March 5

Hi to you all, hope you having some luck. I told you all the other day that I started back on the clomid without my doctors consent and it was causing me a lot of pain in my side, well i went to see gp and he sent me to the hospital, they kept me in and done a scan the following day, its all they said to me was that i had a very dominant follicle which measured 2.9mm, which that was causing me the pain, and that i should go home with my partner straight away. I then asked if i was ready to conceive and they said yes if you do ovalate, which made me very confused. So they then said if the folicle ruptures then it will relase the eggs and it can be time to get pregnant. But how do I know if the follicle have ruptured or not, yesterday i did have like a egg white mucus from me, so does that mean it has worked.My last period was 16th feb so its round about the time where i should ovalute isnt it? Still got little cramp feelings and also when having intercourse last night it hurt my stomach. Can someone please help me as im so confused with the understanding of the follicle, and do you think i have a good chance of being pregnant. thankyou


rachel - March 5

and so sorry michelle but wanted to ask you how you got on at the doctors and have you still a pos result, fingers crossed for you and best of luck for the future.


monique - March 11

i just wanted to know can a doctor tell through a ultrasound if you have ovulated. i know it a silly question but i was wondering


jb - March 11

rachel the clear mucus is def a sign of ovulation you stand a great chance xxxx Im in very bad pain my ovaries throb and i have lower and above my belly button sharp pains im on day 15 started yest and they kill!!!! I also have a lump on my gums and an ear infection clomid is killing me off xx


sarah - March 11

I had sex last night with my bf and he cum inside me but i was due to come on tmorrow can i still get pregnant if im taking folicd acid


anna - April 26

when is the best time to try after taking the clomid


esther - April 30

can clomid regulate my monthly cycle


hayley - May 2

Before i took clomid i never had a period for 3 months,as soon as i took my first cyle of clomid i had a period with in 3 weeks which was great for me. u overlate around the 14 day of your last period which means u could concive around that time if u have intercourse. gud luck


renee - May 10

when do females usually ovolate


nancy - May 23

50mg 5 tablets


hi - June 7

when do you ovulate



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