starting clomid w/o period
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Grace - October 25

I was to start af on 10-22 but only got a little bld when wiped and that was it. I have been having cramping like it is here and breast tenderness. I am wondering if it is ok to start clomid now since maybe this is all my af will be. Any thoughts? Please respond am curious to know what you think. Thanks.


Toni - October 25

I would have a blood test to confirm that you are not pg first.


To Grace - October 26

I agree with Toni, get a blood or a hpt done to confirm you are not pregnant. good luck.


Staci - October 26

I would get a blood test as well. If that comes back negative. I would then take provera to start up a normal period and begin your clomid. You want a fresh lining for implantation, to help avoid miscarriage. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I have a dr. appt tomorrow, so I will keep you posted on what I find out about starting my period up and the clomid.


caution - October 26

if you are possibly pregnant (a small bit of blood could it have been implantation bleeding?) than DO NOT TAKE CLOMID. You must make sure you are definately not pg if you are taking clomid.


Grace - October 26

Thanks you for all your responses. I took a hpt on monday evening and it was neg. I am going to call the office tomorrow to see what to do maybe I will have to start progesterone again to start af but I think I definitely need an appt. will keep you posted.



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