Starting Clomid tomorrow...anybody else want to wait w/ me?
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Lindsey - October 11

Hey....I'm starting Clomid for the first time tomorrow. Anyone else starting tomorrow or taking it right now want to share some insight or wait with me???


Kristin - October 11

Hi. I will be starting my second round of clomid on Thursday. I took my first round 50mg back in May and conceived but unfortunately miscarried at 7 weeks (the doctor did not feel the clomid had anything to do with it as my progesterone levels were so high). I'm alittle nervous but excited to be trying again. I've had irregular cycles since getting off the pill one year ago. I always do eventually ovulate but my cycles have been very long. I used opk the last time and obviously it worked. Last time even though I should have ovulated between days 12-14, I ovulated around day 21 which is why my dr is increasing the dosage to 100mg this time. I had no side effects last time while I was taking it, I did develop a large ovarian cyst which they did attribute to the clomid but also ovarian cysts in early pregnancy are normal. I wish you the best of luck!!! Let me know how everything goes!


Lindsey - October 13

Hi Kristen! I'm sorry about your miscarriage! I've been trying for a year with no luck. I had irregular cycles like you after the pill and I'm on 50 mg, too. I hope it works!! Write back and let me know how yours is going!


isa - October 14

I'm just waiting for af and then on day 2 I am starting my second cycle on clomid. i was on 100mg last month for 5 days and this time he is dropping me to 50mg/day for 5 days due to the fact that my lining was thinner than they wanted for the size of my follicles and he had to put me on estrogen for 10days but it corrected itself really quickly. I took them at 5pm and the 3rd night I started getting hot flashes by about 10pm and then each night about 10 or 11 I'd get some hot flashes. they lasted 3 days after I stopped taking the clomid. I also do injectibles after the clomid stops. Kristin sorry to hear about the m/c. I have not been pg yet.


kefy - October 14

hey wassup will be atrting clomiphene(clomid) on sunday so were close hey! tell me sometihing ladies does it really work cz im really scared and nt sure if it will work for me as well cz i really need a baby been ttc for 8 months now but still nothing so am trying clomid any information tht i might need to know whilst using it , id be grate ful if i gt a response from someobne who has used it and succeded


Lindsey - October 14

What days is everyone on? I'm on 3-7. I'll take my 3rd pill today and I don't feel like I have any side effects.


isa - October 14

Hi Lindsay I'll be starting mine tomorrow days 2-6, 50mg/day then shots on the 7th etc. To Kefy ask your doc for an info sheet and it will explain all to you. It and the shots helped me get 4 great sized follicles so yup it does help if you are the right candidate for it but make sure you have all the monitorig done because it can be dangerous if you dont. Kristin have you had any hot flashes or anything yet. It took me a couple days last time before they set in but luckily they werent bad.


Rebecca - October 15

Hi. I just started Clomid yesterday. I am hoping to get some good news for a change after all of this. Let me know how you make out and we can wait itout together,


isa - October 17

Hey rebecca, day 2 on 50mg clomid (2nd month on it) and I'm already getting hot flashes, are you feeling anything?


Kristin - October 17

Hi to you all. I just finished my second round of clomid 100mg today. Yippee! I really didn't have any side effects except being alittle hot last night. I've been nervous about my dr increasing the mg from 50 to 100 but I guess I have to trust her right!? She increased it because I ovulated around day 21 last time when I got pregnant so she thought my body kind of overrode it. I started taking opk yesterday so I'm just waiting. I hope the clomid doesn't dry up the cm-it didn't at all last time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm sending positive vibes and baby dust your way!


yas2000 - October 17

take clomid before going to bed every will sleep most symptoms away!!!


Lindsey - October 17

Well, I finished mine yesterday and I didn't really have any side effects except some hot flashes at night. Now I just wair I guess. With clomid, you are "supposed" to ovulate 5-8 days after the last pill, right? I keep hearing ppl say they ovulated way later than that. Let me know how everyone else is doing with this......=))


Mega - October 17

Hi! I think I'm basically on the same schedule as the rest of you. I finished Clomid Friday night, 100 mg. I had an u/s this morning to measure my follicles. I really didn't have any big eggies, my biggest follie was still well under 10 mm., so I was pretty bummed about that. I usually take Clomid days 3 to 7, but I got off to a later start this cycle b/c my dr. first wanted to make sure a cyst on my right ovary cleared up, it did so he put me on Clomid that same day. So, with that late start I thought for sure that follie would grow nice & ripe. I have a follow up u/s on Thurs., so I'll know more then. Right now it looks unlikely that I'll get to do my IUI this weekend. So, along the lines of what you were saying about later O's on Clomid--it certainly looks like I'm in that category. Frustrating but what can you do?! Good luck to everyone! I hope we all start getting good news soon. Baby dust to all!


isa - October 17

last month i was on 100mg clomid from days 2-6, shots days 7-10 and did trigger on day 11, ovulated on day 13 so it didnt change my ovulation pattern at all. This month i'm down to 50mg same days but he has me starting my shots day 6 also instead of day 7.


Rebecca - October 19

Hi. I have hot flashes too but I have been taking it before bed to decrease the side effects. Today is my last day this month on Clomid and I begin the estrogen tommorow. I hope all these pills bring results. I wish everyone Good Luck and Baby dust... :)


isa - October 19

Hi Rebecca, i was on estrogen pills last month starting day 10 since my lining was too thin and i took it for 10 days (2mg/ 2xday) and within a day or so my lining was great and estrogen levels strong. Why do they have you on it? Tomorrow is my last clomid and i start my injections also. round 2.



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