Starting Clomid this week (May 8th)
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sweetestchic - May 9

I will be taking my first pill of clomid tomorrow night ... i am taking it from 2-6 ...
anyone else? need cycle buddies ..


Mandi24 - May 9

hey sweetchic did you take your first clomid pill on may 8th??? if so i am on the same schedule as u.. i took my first clomid may 8th(yesterday) and i will also be taking it thru cd2-6. i would like to be your cycle buddy!!! what mg are you taking .. i am taking 100mg of it.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 9

well I started taking it on the 8th as well. But I am taking it cd 5-9. But let's see how we all do this month. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liezel - May 10

Hey sweetestchic... glad i found you... so i started with my first pill today... so far .. so good. I really do feel positive about this being "THE" month.


sweetestchic - May 10

actually i will be taking it tonoght (may 10) since AF didnt come till yestuday .... anyway i am also 2-6 on 100 mg :) seems like there are alot of us here :) good luck to all of and may we all end up PG this month :)


sweetestchic - May 10

ok it's 10 pm London time and i just took 2X50 mg clomid pills .... i really feel this month i will be pregnant :) hoping!!!!


sweetestchic - May 11

hey there .. i usually get a HEAVY af flow .. and it actually was heavy for the days before i took clomid .... last night i took my first clomid pill and the flow is dramatically lighter this morning .. not to gross you out or anything but I usually have to wake up at least once at night to freshen up but this time i woke up in the morning with very light af ...... is this a normal side effect of clomid?


Liezel - May 12

hey... i know what you mean. My AF was lighter than normal too. I wonder if the clomid is affecting it?


sweetestchic - May 12

ok cd3 here ... hot flashes started .. and weeeeeepiness!!!! :( i cant stop feeling down :( .... anyone else?


Liezel - May 12

I have been feeling a little warm... but i don't think that is the clomid... i am normally like that. As for mood swings... i haven't noticed any... in fact i have been really upbeat the past few days and very positive. I just hope and pray that this is my month.


sweetestchic - May 13

feeling down only hits me at night :( when DH goes out and im alone ... i wish i had kids to put to sleep or kids school clothes to iron or kids dinners to prepare :(


Liezel - May 13

Don't worry sweetestchic.... I'm sure your time will come for all that... In the meantime... why not enjoy time with your family and or going out with friends.


sweetestchic - May 14

i am writing a journal of all the tiny fights we are having cuz of cloimid's side effects on my mood .. in a while they will sound childish and we will have a good laugh .. at least i still have my humor



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