Starting Clomid Soon..have a few questions!
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mrose - June 11

Hello ladies, I am going tomorrow morning to get some tests done so that I can start clomid hopefully as soon as my next cycle starts, which hopefully will be soon. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what they test for before putting you on clomid? My doctor briefly said, but it was over the phone, and I'm not sure exactly what it is. Was also wondering if anyone else is going on clomid soon? Could use some buddies! Thanks ladies! baby dust to everyone!


ColleenD - June 11

mrose- Hi! Good luck! My dr. only tested my thyroid prior to starting. I am on my first cycle of clomid, 2dpo. I have hear that they test the levels of certain things in your blood. Hopefully someone else can help you with that. I think it might be progesteron or something like that. I hope you have wonderful luck with it. Baby dust***


mrose - June 11

Thank you Collen for responding. Good luck with this cycle, I hope it works for you :-) the tww, that's always long have you been ttc?


Meighen N. - June 12

Hi! Have you heard of any herbal fertility methods? I have been ttc for 11 mths now... my husband and family think I am "thinking" too much thus not getting pregnant. Thought I may try some chineese herbal stuff b4 going to the OB.


DB - June 12

My RE tested pretty much everything possible, thyroid, prolactin, estrogen, etc. I also have PCOS, so we had ultrasounds of ovaries done. I think they just like to make sure that something else isn't the problem before starting clomid..good luck.


slowpoke01 - June 12

the only thing they tested me for was progesterone levels and they had me do an hsg dye test to make sure that my tubes werent blocked and that was it


ColleenD - June 12

I've been ttc for over 2 years. First on my own with an Ovacue and herbal stuff like Ovulex. Meighen- How can we not think too much??? It just makes me sick when I here about all the people who get pregnant accidentally or w/o even trying. I tried a lot of other ways including herbs. I wasted a bunch of time. I would go to your OB. Good luck to all of you!!!


stepmommel - June 12

I'm in th same boat mrose. I have my last labs scheduled for 6/19 and then we plan to start me on Clomid. I sort of hoped they'd test other things like for PCOS, but there's been no mention of anything like that yet. Meighen I've heard that Fertilaid is supposed to be really good for ovulation and reproductive health in general (they have it for men too). I just replaced my regular prenatals with that and am hopeful. As for the "thinking too much" there probably is some truth to it, but if anyone knows just how to stop thinking about something you've dreamt about since childhood, please fill me in! I cringe whenever people say that - drives me CRAZY!! Baby dust to all of you!


stepmommel - June 13

mrose, how did your tests go? any news on when you'll be starting the Clomid? I'm anxious to hear what they had to say! keep us posted!


Meighen N. - June 14

I know it drives me crazy too... I would like to see him in my shoes and "not think too much". I guess I can confess I am a bit over the top... I am on the internet all the time...looking up every symptom. LOL! I guess its just that I am excited!


mrose - June 14

stepmommel, the tests went okay I guess. I get my results today some time. My doctor called in sick yesterday however, so I had to reschedule to speak with her until Thursday. I guess I will find out then if she will go ahead and put me on clomid or not. If she does, she'll have to put me on proverra first to bring af on. I haven't had one on my own in almost a year. I have been on metformin since Feb. That doesn't really seem to help all that much as for as the length of my cycles. I'm hopeful though...a friend of mine whom also has PCOS and is insulin resistant(as am I) was taking metformin for three months with no luck, took one dose of clomid and she was pregnant. she is now 22 weeks along. however, she did have regular cycles going for her, as I do not. Anywho....keep me up dated stepmommel and let me know how your appt on Monday goes. That's my anniversary :-) 2 years. baby dust to everyone!


stepmommel - June 14

meighen, don't worry you're not lone in that! I don' t think a single one of us hasn't been there over analyzing every symptom. How else would we all have come across this site?! I'll keep you posted Mrose.



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