Starting Clomid and Looking for a Buddy or two or...
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hapistuff - October 31

Hi my name is Rebecca. I'm new to the board. I have been trying to start clomid after laparoscopic surgery and the last 4 months of E-levels being too high. Today is the day. I got the okay to start. I actually cried. I felt like this was finally the step I had been waiting for. I felt like I was able to have some sort of control over a very uncontrollable situation. Does anyone else feel like this?


Boo b do - October 31

Hi Rebecca, I have been taking clomid over the last four cycles. first three at 50 mg days 2 -6, then the last one increased to 100 mg days 2- 6. My consultant has told me I am now ovulating, so that is a plus!! I'm hoping that maybe this will be the month I get a BFP. I have not had any side effects to clomid. There are a lot of comments about clomid on this website, all mostly postitive so good luck to you, let me know how it goes. Bev


hapistuff - October 31

Bev, thank you for your response. Good luck to you! I am very hopeful about being on Clomid. I am starting out at 100 mg days 2-5. I have my fingers crossed.


gls - October 31

Hi Rebecca, I just got done taking clomid 2 days ago 100 mg I'm now on cycle day (cd) 11. I have taken it before and as far as I know only ovulated once on it. I took a break for a while. my dh and I have been trying for almost 7 years now and we are truly hoping that the clomid works this time. What did you have a lap for? maybe this will be the lucky month for all of us, good luck!


hapistuff - November 1

Hello Gls – I hope this is the month for you. I had lap for endometriosis and removal of cyst. *****Last week my period came late and for a few days I was so hopeful that I was pregnant. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster of emotions. How do you stay sane?


gls - November 1

Ummm yeah, sometimes I don't feel like I am sane. (lol) My emotions have been really crazy lately cause of the clomid, I also get hot flashes, yucky. oh well, the things we do to have a precious little one. I totally know the feeling about getting your hopes up, last month I had a 49 long day cycle and I was hopeful, but I could tell I wasn't, and then miss flow showed up. But that was okay cause then I could get started on the clomid. Hopefully I will ovulate this month and everything will work out. I truly hope this is the month for all of us. Good luck to you too. So you actually started taking the clomid today? Lot's of baby dust to you.***Boo b do, hopefully this will be your month as well, keep posting, tell us how things are going.


Shari - November 1

Hi evryone, I have been taking clomid for two cycles now. I go for my 2nd IUI tomorrow. Rebecca, good luck with the clomid. I too felt like I was finally doing something to start me on the right path. Last month I had three follicles on 50mg, today I had 1 on 50 mg. Well it only takes one right? We'll just wait and see


hapistuff - November 1

Shari – You are right it only takes one – good luck! What is the IUI like?


quenn - November 1

I'm on my 2 round of clomid of 100mg. I did ovulate now I'm playing the waiting game. Good Luck!


hapistuff - November 1

Good Luck to you too quenn!


Diddybubby - November 1

Hi Rebecca. Just finished my first cycle of Clomid days 2-6 on Friday. One of us has got to do girl. Good luck to you


hapistuff - November 1

Diddybubby- Good luck!!!!!!!


hapistuff - November 1

I am having dull stabbing pains in my lower back. Did anyone experience this too?


Hannah B - November 1

Hi Girls, I was on Clomid for three months back in April. I then decided to stop ttc. And now we are back on to start again. So I am going to be on a 100mg of Clomid and doing an IUI as well. Hope its okay to join and hang out with you guys during this time.


hapistuff - November 1

Hannah B - Welcome, please keep us up-to-date on your progress. GL


quenn - November 2

well I've started cramping so I guess af is on her way. I'm tired of going to the bathrrom every hour to see if she has arrived. It 's like af knows I need her come so I came begin my 3rd cycle of clomid and she's taking her sweet time about it.


Boo b do - November 2

Hi Ladies, I hope you are all well and the clomid is working for you all. Can you please answer two questions for me? My consultant has not mentioned anything about a IUI whilst taking clomid? Why do some of you have this done? Sorry to sound so dumb, but I'd never heard of this until I looked on this website. Also is it normal practice to have a scan whilst taking clomid? :-) Good luck and baby dust to all



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