starting clomid...want to join me?
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Tracy#1 - January 31

Right on sista! I know I ovulated super well last month, my progesterone was high on day 21, so I'm not too worried about that, I'm more worried about my eggs just hooking up with some sperm. That would be nice....


TracyR - January 31

Ladies, my question is... I have read in several sources that Clomid might make your cervical mucous 'hostile' towards DH's sperm. Have you been told anything similar? And is this a situation where Robitussin is useful? And has anyone on Clomid tried that? Thank you for your time. Good luck and baby dust to everyone!


Tracy#1 - January 31

Yes, clomid can make your cm hostile and I have taken Robitussin now for both cycles from cd5 all the way through ovualtion. I took it about two times a day. I just had my post-coital test on cd14 (while ovulating) to see if I was killing dh's sperm, and the test came out great. Do not take Mucinex or anything other than Tylenol, just the Robitussin (specifically the one that is straight Guaifenisen). It is a sure fire way of ensuring you don't dry up down there and makes it easier for the little guys to swim through. Hope that helps. My doctor is the one that told me to do it.


TracyR - January 31

Thanks Tracy#1 for the info... Very helpful! I appreciate it! Sounds yucky but worth it if it helps! Also is there a max dose of folic acid? I take a multi-vitamin with it. Should I take more?


Tracy#1 - January 31

Check the amount of folic acid that is in your current vitamins. Prenatally you should be taking a daily dose of 400 mcg or 0.4 mg. Most prenatals come with the necessary amount in them, so if your multi doesnt have enough look at either switching or adding more.


Trac yR - February 1

Tracy#1 My multi-vitamin has 0.4mg which in all of my reading is the appropriate amount but I wanted to double check. Are you among those of us with PCOS that has a VERY difficult time losing weight?


Christyrn - February 1

I've also heard about the clomid making your CM hostile. I took Musinex to thin it up and we used Pre-Seed, a lubricant that's supposed to be most like your nautral CM. Tracy #1.. what's wrong with taking Musinex?


Tracy#1 - February 1

My doctor said to make sure NOT to take Mucinex as it can actually dry CM up. His opinion on that was very strong and he prefers Robitussin hands down. I trust him very much. I do not have PCOS or a weight issue. I am on clomid because I am turning 36 and have been TTC for over a year. My older sister had the same problem when TTC #2. She started TTC#2 at age 30 and after five years of no baby, was put on clomid and got PG on her 2nd cycle. So that is where I stand. I had my day 21 progesterone blood test done today and have an appointment for next Tuesday to follow up; hoping I am PG when I go in. If not, you'll find me in a psych ward somewhere.....good luck guys and if you have any more questions feel free to ask. Let me know your stories too.


Tracy#1 - February 1

Ashleyg, what's the word????? Are you back yet??



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