starting clomid...want to join me?
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Ashleyg - January 2

hey all! i am starting my first round of clomid tomorrow and i am so excited!!! i am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. that way i am not TOTALLY bummed if i dont get pregnant the first time around. i have a couple of clomid long after your last pill are you supposed to ovulate? is there a best time of the day to take the pills? i am taking them days 5-9...anyone heard different days are better?


krob - January 2

hi you are suppose to ovualte 5-9 days after the last pill but are you using ovulation strips and it is nice to take them at night so you sleep though any side effects


B - January 3

Just finished my first round. I would take them at night-decrease the chance of side effects (so I read). My dr told me to start OPK's on day 10. Good luck. I should be getting ready to ovulate-neg OPK but ewcm. I can't wait, I sure hope this month is my month.


Tracy - January 3

I agree with the others, take it at night, trust me. The side effects are very mild (were for me) but taking it at night seemed to be perfect. Also, do start the OPK's around day ten or so, and my doc told me to take Guaifenisen(Robitussin) while on the clomid (days 5-9). If I don't get PG this month I will take the Robitussin up until ovulation. It is to keep your CM thin since clomid tends to actually dry it up. Make sure if you do the Robitussin that it is the straight Guaifenisen. It syas it nice and bold on the bottle. I was also told to take a baby aspirin every day to thin the lining of the uterus, which aids in implantation. Good luck to you!!!!!


Ashleyg - January 3

should i be starting opks around cd10? my dr told me to take the clomid cd 5-9...


n - January 3

i took it for 3 months, one m/c and one tubal. not much luck. beware, i was very moody and un predictable. i hope it works for you.


Ravini - January 3

Hi, i took clomid in november. didnt conceive though but ovaluted...i had 23mm folicle by CD12...and was given a HCG injection to ovaluate 36 hrs later... The only side effect i had was heavy AF with clots. I took it days 2-5 ... you might not get this clotting thinggy since you are on days 5-9 .. so Good luck!


B - January 3

Since you are taking it days 5-9 I would just call your dr to confirm when to start the OPKs. That is what I did. Now I am not sure what is going on because I have a thermal shift in BBT but just got a pos on OPK today. My temps state that I could have ovulated on day 11. This does not make sence as I am still having fertile cm. I think I am coming down with something so maybe that is messing with my temps. Still bding just to be safe. Has this happened to anyone? Baby dust.


Laura - January 3

To B: How long have you been on Clomid. Funny, I have started to take clomid (started 12/30) and I too am coming down with something and my BBT shifted so doing it like a mad woman and hoping it works. I am taking robitussion AND baby asprin to see if that helps. This is my first round of clomid, can you tell me if this prolongs your period?


Tracy - January 4

My doctor told me to start the OPK on day 12 but I started on day 10 beacuse I was afraid to miss my LH surge and the month would have been wasted. he also told me to BD days 12, 14, and 16, and NOT to do it EVERY day. We did as we were instructed, I am about 5 days from expected AF, have super sore boobs, had cramps all day and night new years eve, and am praying I am PG. I'll keep you posted. Lots of luck!!!


Cindy Johnson - January 4

Tracy! I hope you are gregnant! Is this your first time trying? It is nerve racking Isn't it!! I haven't tried anything like Clomid yet. I am still trying on my own, but if something doesn't happen soon I am going to check into it. How long did you try with no results before your Dr. put you on it?


B - January 4

Laura, This was my first round of clomid. I am just waiting for ovulation. I asked a friend at work to look at my charts and she doesn't seem to think I o'd yet. I am taking musinex so I am not sure what is fertile cm anymore but I think I am still getting somewhat watery cm. Still bding like crazy as well. I figured it can't hurt. No, I clomid is supposed to regulate your cycle so it should be shorter if your was longer. My dr just put me on it to regulate ovulation as I was ovulating a different times every month and still had a 28 day cycle. I have been feeling really weird lately so who knows if it is just side effects from the clomid. Baby dust.


eb - January 4

Hi girls, dh and i have been ttc for 17 months, i started seeing an re in aug, had a lap done in sept for blocked tubes and endo, took femera for 4 cycles, but it wasn't helping regulate me at all. My periods got worse after i was onit than before, so i spoke to re today and he's switching me to clomid 50 mg days 5-9. I will be startin them on sat 1/7/06. I am looking for a new support group. Baby dust to all:)


Tracy - January 4

Cindy, I hope I am PG too!!!! My husband and I have been trying for 14 months on our own, so in December my doctor had me start the clomid. I will be 36 in February, so time is of the essence!!! I have a lot of positive signs, hopefully i am not just imagining them. Well, I know I am not imagining the sore boobs. Best of luck!


Ashleyg - January 5

well, i am on my third day of clomid (first cycle). no real side effects besides the horrible hot flashes a few hours after i take the pills!! i go back to the dr a week from today for my mid cycle is everyone else doing?


B - January 6

I am doing good. I ovulated on day 14 just like I was supposed to. Just playing the waiting game now. I got back Wed for my mid cycle test. Good luck everyone.


Ashleyg - January 6

good luck B, i know the wait is the hardest. i take my fourth clomid pill today...i havent even made it to ovulation yet and already the suspense is killing me! i told my dh he better gear up because we are about to start doing a lot of bd!!



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