Starting Clomid 03/19 any CB'S?
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Natalie-ttc - March 19

Hey I'm starting round 2 tonight (before bed) looking for some CB's...anyone started/starting clomid soon that I can obsess with? I'm taking it CD 2-6...

G/L & babydust xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Natalie-ttc - March 20



jessika - March 20

Hey Natalie, I'm taking my last clomid pill tonight CD 4-8, 50 MG , second round, hope this is it, been TTC for one year, with no luck. how long have you been TTC ? Do you use OPK's or fertility monitors, I use both. That's how obsessed I am. Doctor doesn't monitor my cycles other than a one time progesterone level before starting clomid, But I try and trust he knows what he's doing, If no luck this cycle I will mention to him closer monitoring of my cycles. lots of baby dust love, jess


Natalie-ttc - March 20

Hey Jessika, How are your side effects? I have been ttc for about 1 1/2 years....I have PCOS though & never Ovulate on my own. Rarely do I get af on my own....thats why I am on Clomid....what about you? I don't use OPK's, but I do temp......I hope this month is the one for both of us...G/L & Babydust back to you....Natalie!


jessika - March 21

Hey natalie, side effects from clomid are being depressed and hot flashes, yuck, but it will all be worth it if it helps me to get a baby. I ovulate on my own, and my periods are regular. The reason for clomid is because I had a molar preg. with chemo after and my doc things my ovaries need a jumpstart, how did you know you had PCOS ?


Natalie-ttc - March 21

Hey Jess,
Sorry to hear af your previous loss....I'm glad you get AF & O on your own ( I wish )...I found out I had pcos about 8-9 years ago....By periods were always irregular, had cystic ovaries etc...and as the time goes on it gets worse...thankfully, I came to my senses & realised I had to take control of this & finally am. Sorry about your depression & hot flashes, but I hear ya!!!

I am so snappy & irratated, & sooooo tired.....I'm sure the hot flashes will start soon for me...But like you said, it is all worth if it means getting preggo!!!!
I really hope we both get our BFP's this month!!!


Jessika - March 22

Hi Natalie, well I took my last clomid last night and usually ovulate day 14, this cycle DH and I are going to BD every other day instead of every day like we've been doing. Also adding mucinex, prenatal, maybe asprin. Do you do any of these things ? What day do you expect to ovulate. Are your side effects with this round of clomid worse than the first, mine are, last night I had insomnia, and bad nausea that continued until now, oh well the things you'll do for a child. Do you see a OBGYN or fertility doc ? OH yeah also ordered pre seed, progesterone cream, have you tried those ? Wishing you a BFP, this month


Nicole - March 22

Hi Nalalie! I am on day 21 of my first month of Clomid. I had 5 tablets day 5 6 7 8 9 I did a home ovulation kit and it says I ovulated had my blood test today but I am so over negative results I am not up on all these abbrieviations ladies use on this site so please excuse my ignorance if i dont catch on to them. Good Luck xx


Natalie-ttc - March 22

Jess - I need to order preseed too...I do not use anything else, but I have been looking into baby aspiring, because my lining was only 2mm on cd 16 ( on my first round of clomid). Yes, actually - my side effects are worse this time....I am so bitchy & cranky you know? I have no idea when/what dau I will ovulate...I thought my last cycle was a bust , but then I got af on cd 55, so I think I actually ovulated on cd 42 - can you believe that? I can't...I never Ovulate on my own....and af never shows on her own, so here I am now, & this cycle I do not want to give up at all....Usually Dh & I bd everyday, to everyother day too....Do you O ( not ovulate..hehe) after dh or before - I try to after dh does...I have heard it help to get the swimmers up there??? I see an ob, what about you?
Wishing you a BFP too hun!!!!

Hey Nicole,

Nice to meet you!!! Don't worry about the abbreviations, you'll pick up on them did you Ovulate?What does of clomid did you take? do you ovulate on your own? G/L girl...Hope you get your BFP this month!!!!


jessika - March 22

HEY Girls, Natalie and nicole, how are you ? As for me just waiting to ovulate. Nicole keep us informed of any news, good luck on getting your BFP !!!! How long have you been TTC(trying to conceive) ? I'll have to try and O after DH, I usually do before him.With the clomid what are your Docs monitoring and how often, I'm so curiuos, sorry about all the questions. Did you girls notice EWCM around ovulation ?


Natalie-ttc - March 22


Jess, I didn't notice so much just EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) but just alot of cm in general...more so creamy and sometimes sticky & watery...but all I know is - now that i think back it was always there....ALWAYS!!!!

I go for a cd (cycle day) 21 P4 test..(progesterone) & an aultrasound on CD 15-16ish...thats it....What about you?

Nicole, I agree with Jess...Please keep us informed on any news.....Sending both of you ***babydust***
Love, Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessika - March 22

hey Natalie, anything new ? How are those clomid side effects treating you ? I'm starting to feel better, no hot flashes, not real bitchy, but last month I had the worst PMS of my life, MY POOR DH, HA HA. just kiding. seriously It felt like a nervous breakdown for about 2 days. Did you notice worse PMS ?Hopefully this month we'll both be pregnant and not have to worry about PMS. Is it just me or is this TTC thing getting stressful and starting to seem like it's never gonna happen, I guess that's why a little support like this chat room is good. What cycle day are you on ? Has your DH had sperm check, mine has not but Doc said It's unlikely him, with a problem,because we have one child together and the other molar pregnancy both first trys , can you believe it, I can't. lots and lots of baby dust,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love jess, bye the way, sorry about bad spelling


Natalie-ttc - March 22

Hi jess, ttc is so stressful...I feel ya!
My S/E are up & down, they were the same on my 1st cycle...Today is Cd 4 for me, 2 more night to go of clomid....woooohooooo.....what about you, what cd are u on? My DH has not had a SA either, cause we know its my pcos...grrrr...What is so goos to have friends to go through this with...I am grateful....Not everyone understands what its like to have fertility problems....Anyways - I'm thinking of you, & hope we both get good news very soon!!!


JESSIKA - March 24

Hi, Natalie, how are you ? Today is a good day, I had EWCM, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I usually never do, my fertility monitor gave me high fertility, not peak, so hopefuly tomorrow is O day, I'm only on cycle day 11 and I don't have alot of EWCM, so I'll just wait and see what happens, I think BD days will be 12, 14, 16 as advice from others on this board, did you feel ovulation last month ? I did very painful, for about 3 hours, but at least I know I ovulated......I never asked what dose of clomid are you on, .....and are you taking anything else this cycle like a trigger shot, or metformin, I heard that's a popular fertility drug for PCOS, Love jess


Kylie-jane - March 24

hi natalie ,
i am taking clomid i have been on it for 2 months now i don't think anything has happened this month so i will have to take round 3. love kylie


Andrea Albarez - March 24

I am ovulating as we speak after taking Clomid for the first time. I read on a web-site the following..."One recent study (Biljan et al, cited below) actually tried prescribing Clomid on cycle days 1-5. While none of the participants in their day 5-9 group resulted in pregnancy, 24 percent of the women who took Clomid on days 1-5 were able to conceive."
Having read this I started Clomid withing 24 of starting my period. Funny you say "obsess" ... I have been obsessing over getting pregnant and reading any info about fertility, etc.... I lost an infant (3 months old) to SIDS in Dec. and can officially say I'm "obsessing"


Natalie-ttc - March 24

Hi ladies, It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jess, I'm not taking anything except clomid...I should be on Metformin, but have not started yet...I'm a bad girl......Other then that, I'm not taking anything else.......I am taking 100mg (on round 2) from cd 2-6...But I take the clomid before bed starting cd1. I am so happy for you about your OPK....Bd, bd, bd, bd girl....Swim spermies & catch that eggie...I have a good feeling for you....Keep me posted.

Kylie - Why are you taking clomid? Just curious - I am taking it, cause I do not "O" on my own, thanks to PCOS....are you being monitored? G/L!!!

Andrea - I read & heard the same thing....I'm just praying it works...Congrats on your "O" I hope its your month. I am so terribly sorry for your loss...My fingers are crossed for all of us!!!

I am so Dry down there after clomid, what about you guys? Also, is anyone taking baby aspirin?

Take to you later...Love Natalie : - )



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