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Monica - October 13

As of tomorrow we will begin our biggest and most exciting journey to date. Today is day 22 of my cycle so I went in and had a blood test, tomorrow I begin Synarel for 12 days which is a nasal spray and I use it twice a day. Synarel is a medication that is used to initially 'turn down' my ovaries for the next stage (stimulation) and not produce more than one egg. Then the injections begin, followed by egg collection and then the final stage which is the transfer wait 2 weeks and God willing I get positive results. As my DH and I are keeping this to ourselves, I would love to share my thoughts and feelings with someone who is either thinking, going through or just about to begin IVF. We all need to support each other.


Lee - October 13

Hey Monica
I won't be with you going through this, but I had to write. My one and only ivf was in 2001. We were and remain very private about it. We wanted any child that came from IVF to be remarkable because of who they were, not how they were conceived. They are miracles in so many other ways than science. I am one of the lucky ones, I have a beautiful child, even though the RE was convinced that my embryos were not good grade and had already started talking to my DH before I even got out of the room about "next time". Well, it is 4 years later and we have just gone through IUI (after having two natural pregnancies in between). I am 40, so we tried to speed up the process. I don't think we were successful with this, but I have not given up hope. My only advice is to not move other than when absolutely necessary for the day of your transfer and two days after. Make a list of a thousand things you can do sitting down with your feet up, sort photos, write letters, etc. Let hubby and best friend wait on you. Then, keep really busy for those two weeks. Trust me, it doesn't even get easier after you have had a BFP IVF. God Bless and good luck to you and DH.


Monica - October 13

Thank You Lee! Even though I am excited, I am extremely nervous. I don't want to get my hopes up too high as if it is a positive we will be going through Christmas and New Years pregnant. Which, as you can imagine is a very exciting time trying to keep it under wraps from everybody! I have even organised "excuses" as to why I can't exercise as much and why I am putting on weight! I saw a tarot reader a couple of months back and she told me would do IVF but would miscarry. I was devasted, so for it to actually happen... I'm really not sure how I would cope. I'm praying she is wrong! I am trying to stay optimistic but feel very scared! Trying not to jump the gun (even though I would love to tell everyone on our 6th year anniversary in Feb).I know, I know, you can probably tell I have very mixed emotions! Did you have any side effects while on treatment? Is there anything else you would like to share? Thanks again for responding!


Justine - October 13

Just wanted to wish you luck for the IVF. I did IVF-ICSI (same as IVF but with sperm injected into egg) in February this year due to male subfertility issues. Thankfully it worked first-time and I'm now 36 weeks pregnant. Hope it works first-time for you too. I found it very tough doing the IVF - emotionally and physically but its all worth it to get that pregnancy. I told a few people we were doing IVF-ICSI (immediate family, a few friends then a few people at work incl. my boss) and I found it helped me that other people knew but many people do keep it secret - its a personal choice. I was lucky that my boss was very supportive and let me have as much time off as I needed and understood when I was ill. I felt a bit ill during the treatment (like I had flu) and had lots of complications for the first three months of pregnancy (cysts due to hyperstimualtion, bleeding, large blood clot in the uterus etc) which was scary esp. as they tested me for cancer but everything seems to be fine now. I'd definately say its worth doing IVF for a first baby.


Lee - October 13

Monica, I wrote you a long reply earlier, I don't see it. But I am here for you if you need me. I will watch for your question to "bump" up if you need someone to talk to.


Monica - October 14

That's fantastic news Justine! Have you got baby names picked out yet? Not long now before you hold your new bundle of joy! Lee & Justine, do you have an email address? I would love to hear about your experiences alittle more. I just know that I am not going to get alot of responses on here, and would like some support if you guys don't mind of course. By the way... the nasal spray is nasty! You can taste it in your mouth for 30mins after you spray! It's all for a good cause I keep reminding myself! ;)


Justine - October 15

Hi Monica - My e-mail address is [email protected] if you want to e-mail.


Terri - October 16

Hi Monica. My hubby and I just decided to have IVF. It will probably be a month or two yet but I would love it if you keep posting on your experience. I am really nervous and want to know what to expect. Thanks!


Jen - October 18

Hi Monica! Like Terri, my husband and I have just decided to go forward with IVF. We made our consultation appointment with our RE today, but won't meet with her for another month. However, I definitely want to hear about your experience. I really don't know anyone that has gone through this and I'm nervous and would like to know what to expect. Best of luck to you! Please keep us posted!


Justine - October 20

Moinca - I'm in hospital at the moment as just gave birth 3 weeks early to a little girl and I have to stay in for a while. Sorry if you've e-mailed me - hope things are going well.


Monica - October 20

CONGRATULATIONS JUSTINE!! How exciting!! I am extremely happy for you! Have you named her yet? You are so thoughtful to even worry about me and my emails at the moment. Please take good care of yourself and your baby girl! To Terri and Jen, when you finally meet with your specialist, he will more than likely do tests so he can figure out the best programme to be on. In our case, we thought my DH sperm was above average (we got told that by 2 gynos!!!!). But this was not the case, his sperm was good but they weren't swimmers so we had no option but to go through IVF. There are several methods for different scenarios - women with blocked/damaged fallopian tubes. Women who do not ovulate regularly. Intercourse is not possible. Women unable to produce eggs. Sperm cannot pass through the cervix. Complete male infertility. Reduced male infertility and Unexplained infertility. All the above have different procedures. And your specialist will be able to let you know which route to take. As for me, I am still going strong with the nasal spray. On Tuesday I get another blood test and start my daily injections which I do myself for over a week to stimulate my ovaries to grow extra follicles. The eggs grow and mature inside the follicles fingers crossed I produce more than a few eggs and they can pick the best one when it's time to do the transfer! If you have any questions, I'm here for you guys!! And to Justine again.... WELL DONE MUM!! xx


Terri - October 22

Thanks for the info Monica and good luck! Keep us posted! CONGRATS Justine!!!


nita - October 28

Answer: I'm on my first IVF attempt. I started June 20th and at my first session my blood levels were off and my dr. told me to go to a specialist. I had thyroid problems and was told i had to get that taken out before i continue with the Ivf. I had surgery within 2 weeks and was released to try IVF by end of Aug. Soooo I started again with taking the meds (before I had only gotten to the brithcontrol pills) the shot were not as bad as i thought! after the first 2 (my husband did) I did myself. They retrieved 19 eggs and 12 were good they did half ICSI and have the regular way. I wanted to do 3 day, however my dr. chose to go to blastocyst (5 days) I wanted 3 implanted but the dr strongly incouraged 2 because he said they looked really good. So we went with 2 good and 1 not so good (3 embryos) because i had to leave out of town, my dr. took my blood samples early. my implant was on 10/14/05 my first blood test was on 10/21/05 my blood was froze until 10/25/05 becasue the machines went down. My readings were 39.5. I went to a nearby clinic to get my blood levels on 10/26/05 and they faxed the info to my dr and i was told that it DID NOT double it was only 50. so they told me my positive was on its way to a negative and to expect a period wiith in a couple days. I am 34 and I hope with the freezing the blood and all the change of hands someone is incorrect. I retest on 10/31/05 Many blessing to the new arrival and to the ones who are awaiting answers.


Monica - October 28

Hey Nita, I really hope this works out for you! And I pray that they are wrong!! It's bad enough your hormones are all over the joint. Please keep me posted on your results!! I started taking the injections on Tuesday night and I tell you... it took me 20mins to finally stick the needle in!! I bruised pretty bad the first time I did it but now I have it down pat as it's my 4th night tonight. I go for another blood test on Sunday to see how my hormones are going and let me know what my next step is. I'm feeling extremely irritable and agro! My specialist has told me this normal because your hormones are so out of whack you need to let your partner know to be patient with I have now started to bloat, I can't even hold my tummy in!! Nita, how did you feel half way through ICSI?


Nita - October 28

Hey Monica, I was really scared when I started my shots. My hubby had to do the first ones and I kept moving and it was a mess. I had previously recorded some births from the discovery health channel so I focused on looking at the newborns while he did the shot. But I was totally surprised that it didnt hurt!! my plus may be that I am a plus size (16) so I have alot to pinch up in that area (ha) it comes easier and easier. I did notice if I held the need down after mixing and it got some of the liquid on the tip it would sting going in, so I had to remember to always how the syringe upward and only down ward when I had gotten my spot straight (cleaned and prepped). I was okay with ICSI they did half and half. so only a few did the inject the sperm directly into the egg. it will get better soon you will feel like a pro!


Justine - October 28

Thanks for the congrats Monica, Terri and Nita - am very busy with the baby now - she needs feeding every 3 hours 24 hours a day. She's so lovely and makes all the suffering you go through with IVF-ICSI and pregnancy worth it. Monica - I was also very grumpy and scared on ICSI during the injections - its normal, you're going through a lot. I got better after the egg collection as the process was nearly over then. Take care and hope you get pregnant. I think anyone who does IVF really deserves a baby and it'll make you a great mum, because you appreciate the baby so much. I never thought I would have kids but it does work out. Nita - Hope you are pregnant and the doctors are wrong.


Monica - November 5

Just thought I would drop in and let you know how my progress is going. But first I need to know how you went Nita?!? Please let us asap. And Justine, how are you going Mum? OK, here is the run down from my last post - I have had close to 6 blood tests, 2 ultrasounds and I have just got a call from the clinic to say hormones are perfect to stop taking my nasal spray and injections and to do the very last one called the trigger which gets done about 38hrs before you head into hospital. Yes, this is it!! On Monday, I am booked in to get my eggs taken out!! It has officially hit me that all the nasal spray/injections is nothing like what next week is going to hold. I am already looking like I am 3 months pregnant!! I am extremely swallon/bloated from fluid retention from the last few weeks. My jeans are very uncomfortable that I am now in elastic waist skirts. I'm still a cow to be around and hubby is still as patient as ever. I have tried to stay home as much as possible so I don't have a hissy fit in public and so that people don't look at my belly. As for keeping this secret to ourselves - my excitement has gotten the better of me and I've told a handful of people now but I need to calm down and stay focused as this could end up not the way we would love it to be. Will keep you all posted next week.



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