Started provera last night.
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gretchen - June 30

I just started provera last night, this is the sceond time I have have taken it, but this time the doctor gave me clomid to take days 5-9, has this been successful for anyone? I have been off BC since October. I have a daughter that is 4 and I had no trouble getting pregnant with her.


Anna - June 30

Hey Gretchen,
I was in the same situation as you! My son is 4 yrs old and i had no problems with him. Now i am trying for baby #2 its taking forever. The doctor put on provera and clomid but i did it once only and decided to try and do it all natural. BUT i have a friend that did provera and clomid and she got lucky on the second round. Don't worry girl it will happen if this doesn't work theres alot of other options just take it step by step, it will happen try not to stress to much about it either that sometimes gets in the way. As for me it will happen when it happpens.



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