started clomid today may6, looking for buddies!
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butterky - May 6

Hi girls...I started 50mg clomid this morning (CD3). I'm excited and nervous, I'd love a buddy to go through this with! Here's my situation: I have very irregular periods and we've been ttc more or less 8 months. I've tried clomid for a couple months a couple years ago with no luck, but we weren't very diligent about bd'ing on the right days. so i'm giving it another shot.
I'm going to be taking 50mg days 3-7, and I'll start mucinex and baby aspirin starting day 8. I'm also drinking a cup of FertiliTea a day, and I take prenatal vitamins, B complex, and extra folic acid. baby dust to all!


sas - May 7

Hi butterky..........have been ttc for 18months now. Also started 50mg clomid this month. On cd14 no signs of ovulation. Have got a scan tommorow to check follicle size. And a blood test. I don't think colmid is working for me. Will know more tomorrow. Are you having any monitoring?


brellen - May 7

hi girls i also started clomid this month CD7 waiting for ovulation we have been TTC for 16 months i have had no period for this time so i had to take provera to get one so then i could take the clomid, all that went well i got a few headaches from it,


butterky - May 7

today is my 2nd day of clomid. i'm taking it in the mornings, although from reading other people's posts, i'm wondering if i should be taking it at night instead. sas, yes, i'm being monitored (i wasn't monitored the last times I was on it, my OB just sort of threw the prescription at me and send me on my way). on monday, may 15th (which will be CD12) i'm going in for a post coital test. I have NO idea what that involves. i'll be praying for BFP for you guys (and me too!)



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