Start Clomid..5th day of spotting or bleeding
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Ragini - August 18

When should one start taking clomid. Is it the 5th day of normal bleeding or 5th day from the start of the period(spotting).

Im new to this forum. I was browsing through the net to find an answer to my question and found this site......
If anyone has an answer pls reply.


Julie - August 18

I believe it's the first day of actual red blood, not spotting but not 100% sure. I started mine on my 1st day of actual bleeding.


Ragini - August 18

Thanks Julie. I started clomid on the 5th day of spotting......Do u think clomid would still help me ovulate?


Julie - August 18

I think so? I'm not sure exactly how that works... Sorry..


CJ - August 19

Ragini-I started on Clomid 50mg last cycle. I was having very light periods, mostly just spotting, if I even had one. My doc told me to count anything, including spotting, as CD1 and then I started Clomid on CD3 so I think you should be ok. Unfortunately it did not work for me this time- I did not O so I'm on to 100mg. Good luck!


Lena - August 19

Clomid should be started on the 3rd to 5th day of your cycle. The first day of bleeding, not spotting, is counted as day 1 of your cycle.



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