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Mythili - March 7

Doctors did the IUI on FEB 20... March 6 it was 14 days since IUI... I was hoping I will get pregnant, but last night I got a light dark brown staining on my underwear.... Could this mean I am not pregnant??


Melin - March 8

After 14 days you can check blood test.Don't wait.


Mythili - March 8

Now the spotting when I wipe stopped.... I really don't know what is going on with me. It is 16 dpo today...


Melin - March 9

Mythili,Now how is your feeling? Are you pregnant?


Mythili - March 9

I checked this morning! It came back POSITIVE... I hope it is not false reading


Melin - March 10

Mythili, I am only 11 days from my IUI.Now I am feeling pre-period cramping.Did you feel this before?


Mythili - March 10

I felt more of a tingly feeling...


Mythili - March 10

Check for pregnancy during the weekend.... You will be 14 dpo days by then


amy - March 10

Hi Mythili..Congratulations! I am now 7 days post IUI and am hoping to be pregnant too! Will post in 7 days..w/ hopefully good news! ( my last IUI ended in m/c last month :( ) Good luck to you!



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