spotting with borwn mucus during ovulation
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racheal - April 17

I had a u/s that showed a follice on my right ovary but after that but during ovulation i was having a mucus type discharge with brow blood in is this a good sign or bad sign b/c i want a baby being trying for a year. My doc has put me on clomid but i have to wait until my next period to start my 50 mg of it. Iwant to be pregant now but dont know b/c of spooting of browm blood during ovulation


Renee - April 17

What day was your spotting? (Day of ovulation or after?) I started spotting like that 3 days after ovulation and it ended up being implantation bleeding!


racheal - April 17

i was spotting even before i went to have a u/s and the tech told me it was an follice on my ovary and i might be ovulating soon but after the u/s i cont. to spot with alight type of brown mucus . My husband and i tried for a baby during that time but my cycle is not due until the 28 of april. I am so confused b.c i dont know if the spotting during ovulation was messing up my chances of getting pregnant and that time even though i had the spotting with mucus at time. i am so confused. any one has been through the same thing please help me out


Jackie - September 6

I am also spotting and it has only been 3 days tops since I ovulated. I am not sure if this is implantation bleeding??? Seems to be way too early?.. I am not on any hormones and I have never had any spotting between periods before. Always had a close to perfect 28 day cycle. Not sure what to think. Spotting is really light with no cramps. Not really trying to concieve but not using any protection. What else could this be and should I be concerned?



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