Spotting ten days before period due
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annakb - November 25

I have an apt with my OBGYN but I was curious if anyone has expereinced what I have been lately. I went off bc last march/april and have had spotting anywhere from two weeks to a week before my period is due. This month it started just about day 14 of my cycle, however last month I had a perfectly normal 28 day cycle, so this comes and goes. I am wondering if it could be a symptom of infertility, since it has been about 8 months of ttc. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so what have you learned. I also had a laparoscopy about 18 months ago to check for endometriosis which came out normal.


Tracy88 - November 25

Since you had a lap, the only other thing I would say is to have your hormone levels checked by a specialist at various times of the month. Also to have some ultrasounds done to check for cysts on the ovaries or something. I spotted a few times around ovulation and then usually 4 to 5 days before my period every month, but the difference is I did have mild endometriosis and cysts on my fallopian tubes. When you had the lap done, did they check to see if your tubes were open or have you had the HSG dye test?


meltux - November 27

Hi annakb, I have been off the pill for about 2 years (actually almost three) and I ALWAYS spot around about 10 days before my period...that is until i went to a naturopath and started using hormone balancing herbs....vitex and liquid concoctions at the two different phases of my cycle (before and after ovulation) basically I started to spot for around about 5 days which is quite normal. AND my cyles are great, i ovulate around day 14 or 16 and i have lovely healthy luteal phases which i haven't had since srting to chart the beginning of this year!!!!!
But my gyno wanted to do a lap and hysteroscopy to make sure and nothing came up so i now put it down to hormone levels.....and am waiting to see how I go this cycle after my lap. So far i am 5 days from the end of my usual cycle and no spotting....a clean out can be good! I am aslo hoping to get BFP soon as we have been TRYING for the last year but off the pill for 2 years (as I have said)I know my time will be soon and i have done a lot of stuff to help my body out too (gave up smoking, exersize, diet, herbs, acupuncture and of course romance with hubby (tee hee) of luck and maybe look at some other options to help your hormones along and cross fingers for BFP!!!!


annakb - November 27

Hi...Tracy88...I am not sure about the lap what exactly they checked for. I was having pain during intercourse and my mother had endometriosis, that is why we decided to do the lap. Turns out I was getting repeated yeast infections from the birthcontrol pills. Went off hormonal bc in march/april this year. Ever since I have had the irregular spotting, if it were a few days it wouldnt bother me but 10days to two weeks is ridiculous. Also I don't know what the HSG dye test is, will look it up.

meltux...i have hear that it could be a hormonal imbalance, did your spotting continue from 10days before your period all the way until it was due? Just curious, thanks for the info, and good luck to you and your hubby!


meltux - November 28

Annakb, yes spotting continued right up until AF due and even the days leading up, I was wiping blood so it was heavier than spotting....I was confused and yes starting at 4or5 dpo was ridiculous!!!! I have had a lap and no endo, blockages etc etc I am back on the hebs and also doing pilates and yoga for relaxation....anyway, good luck with it all!!!


Chantelle - January 11

Please, please, I really hope someone will still look at this thread and give me an update of how you're doing. I am going through the EXACT same thing for the last eight months and despite having been to two doctors they are still working out what is wrong with me. I've scoured the web for someone with similar symptoms as me and this is the first time I've found something! I've been worried sick about the spotting which comes ten to twelve days before me period and continues until AF arrives.
Could you ladies be so kind as to inform as to how you're doing now and if something worked for you?


JENZEY - January 12

I have been experiencing the samething. It's been happening for about 6 months. I get spotting off an on before af. It usually starts out with discharge streaked with blood and getting heavier before af. (sorry tmi) And my af has been more heavy then it used to be. I don't understand why my cycle has changed like this. I talked to my dr. about it and she didn't seem worried about it. Has anyone else had spotting the same as how I described mine? I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Thanks


Chantelle - January 12

Jenzey, yes! I have been experiencing exactly what you are describing for the last 8 or 9 months. My periods have also gotten heavier but they seem to taper off more quickly. I also getting the spotting which seems to turn more into wiping blood by the time I'm getting closer to AF. I have another Gyno appointment next month and an ultrasound the same far the bc pills I've been put on (Alesse) don't seem to be doing anything. I also have to say that the month before this started happening I had perfect cycles (28 days on the mark) and following the first month where I got the spotting it has been the same ever since (except for one month in August where, for some weird reason, I had no spotting at all) Let me know if you find out anything regarding your spotting.


linds99 - January 12

Hi ladies, my sister had this too. She has low progesterone, which can cause mid-cycle bleeding, but she also had 3 polyps in her uterus. She had no signs of endometriosis. Have you checked your CD 21 progesterone levels? (7 days post ovulation)?


Chantelle - January 13

linds, thank you for your reply-it's much appreciated. How do they check for progesterone levels? Also, how did they find your sisters polyps? Through ultrasound or a lap?


Tracy88 - January 13

Progesterone is checked by bloodwork. I think there are multiple ways they can discover polyps. I know of a few ways, maybe Linds can fill you in on others. Obviously one way is a lap, another is a hysteroscopy, and I think they can find them during a sonohysterogram. I have no idea if a regular ultrasound can pick up that sort of thing or not. I'm sure someone else Like Linds can tell you that.


Chantelle - January 17

thanks for your reply Tracy-I will make sure to mention it to my doctor. I also wanted to mention once again to those who have already posted-how are you doing now?


trixiebee - January 17

Just wanted to say...I think I'm dealing with the same thing. "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and many net sites, site "Luteal Phase Defect" which is yes, attributed to low progesterone levels post ovulation.
From what I understand, it's rather easy to "cure" with progesterone, b6, and more.
Now if I can only get my doc to see me!


SaintRose83 - January 17

Annakb..... that has happened to me before and it was due to the fact that I was pregnant and have a very early miscarriage... 3 weeks to be exact. I have low progestone and that was the cause. I don't mean to scare you, but that is what it was in my situation.. Hope the information helps.


Chantelle - January 24

I was put on a low dosage bcp three cycles ago (Alesse) and I still seem to be having the same problem. Do you think the pill would help or not?


Chantelle - March 5

Hopefully someone will still see this post because I really need some more answers. Anyone who has been having these spotting problems, have you found out what's going on with your system or a way to get better. I had an ultrasound done which came back normal (no polyps) and a pap which also came back normal. I am SUPER worried bc my doc says he'll have to do a scrap if the higher dose of bc pills he puts me doesn't help the situation. Please help me!


Tracy88 - March 5

Chantelle, I didn't read back through all of the posts, but has your doctor checked your day 21 progesterone level yet?



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