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Worried - February 5

used clomid 50mg twice a day cd 3-7 and performed IUI on sunday 1/22/06, been receiving period like cramps this past week. My period was due either feb 3rd-4th, which on feb 4th i found a a red spot on my underwear and assuming it was my period wore a pad for the whole day yesterday and today , but i didn't bleed anymore apart from the one blood spot.
is this my period just being weird or something else?


Tracy - February 5

While on clomid you have to expect that your period may come late. That does not happen to everyone, but it does happen. Give it another 3 days before getting excited. I took clomid in December and AF was late when it is usually like clockwork. I took it again in January and am nearing the end of my cycle. AF is due (if on time) Tuesday, but could come as late as Friday if like last month. I spotted the lightest shade of pink on the TP this morning, so I don't know what to think either. Could be AF on her way or implantation. Only time will tell. Best of luck to you. Keep me posted on your progress. I'm curious to see how things turn out.



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