Spotting for 5 days now
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hou - February 28

I am 28, have got one child who is 3 now, thinking about the second , now I have been spotting for the last 5 days , I have very long irregular period, for a moment i thought that spotting was a very early period, and probably a cycle without ovulation, but it is not , no period just spotting that you wipe with the tissue after going to toilet?? I have no idea what that spotting is and I am really concerned, Any Ideas???:(


hou - March 1

Any ideas...??


stacey - March 3

I thought it would be a cycle w/o ovulation- why do you say no? I had that too, but recently had a miscarriage and figure it was my period, or the body getting rid of the rest of my lining. What color is the spotting? Mine was brown.



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