Spotting at 3 dpo?
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Ericka - November 10

Yesterday, at 3 dpo, when I wiped after going to the bathroom I had some light pink spotting. I always spot before af, but that usually starts at 10 dpo. I know it's too soon for IB. Today (4 dpo) I have had no more spotting. I don't think I have my days wrong because I chart and use opk's. Does anybody have any ideas what this can be? Thank You


me - November 10

are you sure you definitely ovulated 3 days ago? it could be O bleeding. OPKs can sometimes be incorrect and it seems that the spotting went away already. That is what I would think. Welcome to the 2 week wait! good luck!


Rachel - November 10

Ericka...I just had a similar problem except mine was not spotting but a gush of watery brown discharge that completely filled and ruined a pair of white underwear. I had pain on my left side at 3dpo (I temp as well) when coughing or with sudden movement. When I woke up the next morning to put my temp into the pain was gone. I then went to the bathroom for my morning pee only to find that watery brown discharge (it reminded me a bit of when I got my first period when I was like 13). It must have happened when I was sleeping. I went to see my GP and she can't explain it either. I am absolutely no help to you on this but just know that strange things sometimes happen...


bump - November 12



bump - November 14

bumping this one up as it is interesting...



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