spotting and i may be pregnant
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kelly - April 27

i have had sex on my fertile days and i am near my period now 2 days time i have had some signs but then i started spotting tonight do you think that this could be the one


heather - April 28

i would wait and see if you have your period,as spotting this close to your period could just be your body getting ready to start a period but if you are late do a test,this could be the one !


shelly - April 28



LR- - April 28

I am spotting but then it stopped-i am close to my period-So you think I can still be pregnant??


Cutie - April 29

Its possible Kelly. Just wait a little and/or take a test now.


mandy - April 29

well its hard to ,say wait and see if u have your period because you are so close to having. if you do not come on when you are due do a test,good luck kelly


hayley - April 30

LR, which date did u start spotting, well its hard to say but yeah u could will have to wit and see if u get your period .


KELLY - May 4




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