Spotting After AF, Before O?
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SweetP - January 30

Just wondering if anyone here has ever experienced spotting after AF, before and/or around the time of O? I experienced some brown spotting from CD 10-13, and today I noticed my first day of EWCM. Has anyone had a similar experience, or know what it could be? Thanks!


SashaP - January 30

I did but mine was caused by the Arbonne Prolief Cream. It took over a year to correct the problem. You might want to get your hormone levels checked. My Dr told me that was usually what caused spotting other than a growth. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Two Moms - January 30

I did too a few months ago. It was bright pink and fresh. I was at work and a coworker came in and saw my face and I said "I think I might be pg", thinking for sure in was implantation bleeding. Whether it was or not, AF came an I wasn't pg. I was so disappointed. I had an HSG the week before that may have contributed to the bleeding, but it's really unclear. I would read up on implantation bleeding to see if that helps you find the info you need. Good luck!



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