Spotting 2 days after HSG? Any with similar experience?
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CJ - July 29

I had HSG on Wed. and did not have any bleeding after the test. Now 2 days later I started having some light spotting. I am on CD10. Also took Clomid 50mg CD 3-7. Has anyone experienced spotting days after HSG or could it be from the Clomid? I also read spotting can be a sign of ovulation? Anyone know?


andy - July 29

i had an hsg yesterday (thurs) i had what appeared to be light period yesterday and some mucous today, almost like the tubes have cleared out.,It's not enough today to use a pad but yesterday i changed a couple times. Today is CD 7.I've never spotted during ovulation so cant help u there.


Lena - July 29

After an IUI, which an HSG goes through the same manuvers, its common to have light bleeding or spotting. Sometimes the catheter can scrape against the cervix or uterus. Its nothing to be concerned about (ie it won't effect your fertility this cycle) unless you have a quite a bit of bleeding.



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