sperm that comes out..
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hope - March 30

Everytime after i have sex i stay in bed for another half hour with a pillow but no matter what, the minute i get up everything comes out............Even if i sleep through the whole night without having gotten up, the minute i get out of bed in the morning- it still all comes out.......
Can anyone help me??


to hope - March 30

that is normal. there are still sperm inside and were on there way to where they need to be within the first few seconds.


dakota - March 30

I wondered the same thing at first until I found out, that during ejaculation, the strong "swimmers" are already traveling. So whatever comes out, is perfectly natural.It's not the most comfortable thing in the world to wake up with sticky thighs,but just know that your not doing anything wrong.


to hope - March 31

the good swimmers mix with your cervical mucus and travel to into your uterus..this is the medium they use to travel to your egg..not the actual ejaculate..so, the excess does come out! Also, there are MILLIONS of sperm per ejaculate! Don't worry, they'll get there if everything else is right! right day, right mucus, right conditions etc... hope this helps and GOOD LUCK to you!


hope - March 31

thanks guys, but i have one more question........how long should i stay in bed before i get up? And should my husband leave his penis in me for as long as possible after, or does that not matter??


Pinkywantsbaby - March 31

I know what ya mean hope, I go through this also and yes it feels dissapointing sometimes like the sperm isnt even trying to go up there. But th eothers are right it only takes one! I feel your pain girly Take Care


Silvie - March 31

Hi Hope....I think staying lying on back for 5 minutes is just enough..and your husband doesnt have to stay inside after ejaculation. Sperm is ejected under quit a bit pressure toward cervix and be sure some good amount makes it very fast to where it is supposed to be.


when it happens, it happens! - March 31

I have read that laying flat on your back, or w/ pelvis tilted on a pillow for 30 min. after intc. will increase chances, so I was doing the same thing, but the night we conceived, We had a quickie cause we hadn't seen eachother for a week, and then we went and walked around Vegas for 3 hrs! So all that to say, that when it happens, it happens. I think us not seeing eachother for a wk. was good. I was very relaxed from a vacation, and honey was "all stocked up" from our wk apart! I think being not stressed about when it's gonna happen is important. I didn't think I was going to be fertile for another week, but the day after, I started having eggwht cerv. fluid! I highly reccmnd reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" Good Luck!!!


Jeniffer - April 1

Have you heard the theory that the best way to ensure conception is through an orgasim? Becouse the vaginal spasims is the cervix moving and dipping into the ejaculate. I'm not sure if it works but it's more fun then just lying there for five minutes.

When I concived I had many orgasims and then we rested for about 10 minutes and then went on a day trip lots of walking what worked? Who knows. The orgasims were fun.


stacey - April 2

I just read- and this is only if you want to believe- only to have an orgasm if you want a boy b/c it pushes the male swimmers up quicker. I try both- orgasm and/or laying for a bit. And, the truth is when we conceived, it was with a quicky. Sat for 5 minutes before had to get ready to greet my family- family vacation :)


MGO - April 3

I actually i have the same problem and after asking the same question and checking some web sites, I found out that it is totally normal. They extra liquid has to come back down...you know gravity....anyways, don't worry you are fine! keep trying



about the orgasim thing.......when i have sex with my husband on the days of my ovulation it is alway painful and dry....and then i myself don't have an orgasim. Should i try to give myself an orgasim after we had sex or before??? Should i do this several times? I actually also heard about this- but i wasn't sure. My husband always has an orgasim way before i can and then i just lay with a pillow under me for about 20 minutes......
PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO........I am ovulating now and we had sex a few times but i never had an orgasim during these time....it was strictly work!


Jennifer - April 3

They call it after play. Don't worry if it doesn't happen the stress of trying for a baby might make you less receptive to orgasims.
A massage from him before sex might work better help get you back in swing of things.

Basically after he ejaculates and the fluid is still inside you that is the time to arrange a climax. I have known some who have tired it and it hasn't worked for them but they found it relaxed them and made trying a little more bearable and fun.

If you are dry why not try a lubricant? I'm not sure what others might say about this ( feel free to comment), Isn't the point of a womans natural mucus to help get sperm to the right place? And it is often runnier for this purpose around ovulation time. So if you'r concentrating on the work side could not a simple water based lubricant aid your pleasure and relaxation?

If I'm wrong please tell me. I'm trying again after a long gap. Any help is useful.


baby gal - May 18

i didnt know if he had gone inside me. his sperm is around my pussy. will there be a chance that i will get pragnant?



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