Sperm test results?????
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Lucy - January 16

TTC for 12 months, Hubby had a test and they said his sperm were slightly slugish but it was nothing to worry about and just carry on doing what we are doing! Also i had a blood test and i have no idea what they tested for and was told its all fine just carry on doing what i am doing! do doctors njpy saying this? does anyone have any idea what any of this means???? Please help


Mega - January 16

Sluggish sperm sounds like a motility issue (speed) to me. I've heard it might help your DH if he drinks coffee before sex, wake up those spermies. But as long as the count & shape (morphology) is okay, you're probably in good shape at least in terms of male issues. Though I've also heard Vitamin E is good for men too, builds up their sperm, etc. As for you, most likely they tested to rule in or out thyroid issues, & PCOS, as well as to make sure your hormone levels are okay. One other test you may want to discuss with your dr is HSG, the dye test. It'll verify whether or not your tubes are clear. HTH! Good luck, Lucy!


Melissa - January 16

I agree that your next step should probably be an HSG test. After ttc for 2 years had I been "diagnosed" soley by blood tests I would have been told there were no problems. However, after having the HSG I found my tubes were tied, ended up having a LAP & was diagnosed with severe enodmetriosis. If you are concerned have the HSG, if your tubes are clear, then that will rule out several issues.


Lucy - January 16

Thank you both, i have heard that the test is painful, is this true? I will still do it but i will want hubby to be there if it hurts as im a whimp. If not i will go alone.


Melissa - January 16

Lucy~ If you look on these boards people have different things to say about how badly the HSG hurts. I am a HUGE whimp & have anxiety attacks when I have to go to the doctor. My mom went with me & I almost chickened out. I wasn't relaxed & panicky so it hurt me a lot. My tubes were blocked which may have been why it hurt so bad, but I had never had cramps so intense. If I had to do it again, though, I would. It was worth it to me to find out that I did need to have more treatment.


Mega - January 16

It was crampy & not fun, but not horrible either. My tubes weren't blocked either, which as Melissa said probably makes a big difference. One piece of advice though, take 3-4 advil or tylenol a 1/2 hour BEFORE your HSG. It really does help. That's what my dr said to do & I'm glad I followed his advice. I think it cut down the pain quite a bit.


Ericka - January 16

My Dh was told that his movement wasn't bad, but that it could be better. I don't know if that's the same as sluggish. Our dr. told him to take a multi-vitamin daily and to take folic acid and zinc two times a week. I also had a ton of blood test done to check my hormone levels, that’s probably what they did the blood tests on you for. Like the other ladies said, the next step is an HSG. I'm waiting for af to show up so I can schedule my appointment. It has to be done between af and o, so they are sure you are not pregnant. Good luck.



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