Sperm test-low then not low?
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Lauren - September 14

Hs anyone had the expeience of partners sperm tests being abnormal then normal again in terms if count, morphology e.t.c? I just wondered what the likelihood was of getting a second test in the normal range? My doctor has told us to get a second test for my husband as the first was so low so he is currently taking vits. If it is low gain we will have to have IVF. I also ovulate irregularly although was very relieved to find out I did last month!! Its so frustrating-Its great to hear everyones stories-lots of luck to everyone xxx


Lena - September 14

It can happen. Collection and processing of the specimen can influence test results greatly.


Lauren - September 14

Thanks Lena-thats really helpful. I wondered if it could affect count but wondered whether it could also do the same to morphology? I was really shocked this morning when I went to the specialist but now I think if we have to have IVF at least we know what we have to do!


Sara - September 15

Hi Lauren, my DH's first test said he had low sperm count & motility. (I think it was 30 million, and a motility at 25%). He was then tested again and his sperm count was 115 million and a motility of 50%. All he did different was switch from briefs to boxers. Anything is possible, Good Luck.


Lena - September 15

The collection process usually effects morphology more than the testing process.


Interesting.... - September 15

This an interesting question - dh has poor morphology but I have often wondered whether the collection caused (or helped cause) the poor result!!. Well, not the actual collection process, but more the length of time it took to get to the lab. The specimen had to be at the lab within an hour - no later. I managed to get it there right on the hour - but I forgot to mention this (and they never asked me how long it had been "out") so what if they took their time dealing with it?? And due to the results of that test, we have been told we need to do IVF with ICSI (injecting sperm directly into the egg). BUT, we went to a naturopath and she has given DH some pills and tonics and she believes she can rectify the situation. So I am going to ask for a re-test after one or two IVF's due to the cost of ICSI (an extra $600 to the cost - here in Oz) but also out of interest. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


TC - September 15

How about having your dh give the sample there at the office. That would most likely give you the best results.


Lena - September 15

The length of time you took to get to the lab would effect the motility and live count. You can minimize the effects of time be keeping your husband's sample shielded from light, air, and temperature extremes. Cooler sperm will last longer than hot sperm so the sample should be shielded from your car's heater or dashboard. Morphology is the conformation of the sperm. It should have 3 parts - head, codal, and tail. Sometimes during a forceful collection, the heads and tails can separate from the codal. Also keep in mind that collection isn't the only cause of low morphology. Some spermatozoa can be formed with two heads or two tails.


Lauren - September 15

Thats really interesting. Maybe it is not as bad as we thought-but who knows? We are gettinga repeat test anyway. Thanks all! Thanks Lena for all your advice-its really nice you keep posting on the site especially now you are pregnant-thanks! and congrats


Dana 17 - September 15

My husband's initial 2 tests showed low motility and he was referred to a urologist for work up. No problems found. With his submission of samples for 2 days of IUI his motility was good! We were convinced that he had a real problem, but now who knows? Best of luck to you. I am waiting for next week to see if IUI worked!



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