sperm test
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Nicole - September 22

My husband just had a sperm test done. 30 million count and 34% motility. Is this good? The office didn't realy explain it they just said that it fell in the medium range. Please explain if you know! Thanx so much! :)


sophie - September 22

i think anything that is higher than 20 million is normal....


kristin - September 22

20 million is low and reason for concern. you should be just fine. i don't know about the motility


To Nicole - September 23

Hi Nicole, my DH 1st analysis was : 30 million count and 25% motility. He then switched from briefs to boxers when his physical turned out normal. he had a 2nd on done and there was a 115 million sperm count & 50% motility. I would suggest your DH have another one done...


hek - September 23

I should switch to boxer too!


to nicole - September 26

my hubby has 31% motility and it is called borderline (not good-30 is the difference between the 2). next test his was even lower at 27% and his 3rd fell even more- he does boxers, everything he's been told to do but we have no idea why its dropping.tomoro they are doing an ultrasound on him to make sure hes ok. 30 million is ok, anything above 20 is considered normal


Mega - September 26

Just echoing what the other ladies said, 30 million is a pretty good count. My understanding from my RE though is that 50% motility is what they strive for, so 34% is a little low, that's probably why they said it's in the middle range. But over all, I'd say those #'s are enough to get you PG. I agree with the person who said you should have your DH retested though. Good luck!



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