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78kittycat - April 30

My husband once had a sperm test (long story/past history) and it came back with the result that they were a bit mental and some sperm swam round in circles which knocked the others off course. This means they have to be extra strong to 'reach their goal!' and could be so tired they can't dig into the egg once they get there. But on a good note he has a high sperm count and the doc. said he would be able to get (me) pregnant but maybe take longer trying. Have been off pill for 6 months now and no luck but only really going for it in last month, ie every night. I know thats not always best as should leave a night or two inbetween for sperm to develop, but thought we'd try it this way this time.... in months b4 that we didn't really make love a lot....


mommy2josh - April 30

Kittycat, I know nothing about sperm counts, but had to post to let you know that you had me cracking up with the whole retarded sperm story. You are too funny girl. Anyway. How old are you? It could take 2 healthy (fertility wise) partners upto a year to conceive. Give it time, have your hubby take multivitamines designed for men (look for prostate health formula), you take your prenatals and god willing you will be PG soon. 6 months off the bill and one month of trying is hardly something to be concerned with. I myself have been ttc #2 for over 3 years. Good luck to you.


mommy2josh - April 30

BTW, how long has it been since your hubby had the SA? May be he should repeat it if in a year you are not preggers. :)


slowpoke01 - April 30

you cracked me up with the retarded swimmers bit..lol..anyway have you hubby start taking zinc. i know that it is good for sperm production but not sure if it helps with sperm navigation so to speak. my doc says that sex every night doesnt matter. as long as you both are young and healthy it shouldnt be a problem. sometimes it takes your body a while to get readjusted after being on the pill so give it a little time. also you may want to invest in ovulation tests they are pretty cheap on ebay and you could have sex the whole week of ovulation starting from when you see 2 lines even if one is light and going all the way til they both are dark and then to where you dont see any lines. this way you would have the whole week of ovulation covered without having sex the whole month. it is good that he has a high count though. they also have home tests now where you can check sperm at home. i dont know how accurate they are but you may want to look into it. i have read about them but i dont know where you would buy them at maybe someone on here does. good luck to you and take care.


erika62897 - May 2

Kittycat, it can take up to a year (sometimes more) for the effects of the pill to leave your system...depending on how long you have taken it, which pill, etc. I agree with Slowpoke's statement about the OPK and the O-week sex. This way...it doesn't become a "chore" to have sex like it would doing it every night. Also, again agreeing with Slowpoke, you might want to have your hubby retested. A lot can change for him in time. Unlike the female body, which has all of the eggs it ever will, men produce new sperm each day. Of course, after (I believe) 5-7 days, they are "old sperm" and are not at able to do the job. (My hubby loved hearing that...that meant, in his mind, we HAD to have sex at least once a week to keep the "fresh sperm" coming.) So...his test could've been compromised becaue of the length of time between ejaculations. I am not sure how the OTC sperm test works or the accuracy of it, but it is worth a shot. And, if all else fails, you can ask him to be retested, and/or you can both see a RE. Of course, I do suggest keeping at it for another few months...because you never know what might happen. Good luck to you!


jg - May 2

LOL poor little mental spermies. LOL. Things your husband can take to improve sperm quality and count, is zinc, selenium, L-argatine, Vitamin C, Q10, omega oils and a few other things. There is a very reputable (but expensive) formula to improve sperm called "Proxeed" - you can order it over the net. GOOD LUCK and thanks for making me laugh!


Apalonia - May 2

Hey Kit,
My DH is really low. Only 1,000,000 with 44% swimming in the right direction. I wish it was higher. WE are starting IVF next month.



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