Sperm life span and ovulation??
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Cherry - July 14

My question is: How long can sperm survive inside the female body? We are ttc and I think I'm ovulating today. We had sex 3 days ago, but my husband is sick with the flu and unable to bd right now. Is it possible to become pregnant with sperm from 3 days ago? If we are able to bd tomorrow will the egg still be good??


Cherry - July 14

I forgot to mention that I have been having a fair amount of creamy discharge for the past 3 days, does that help the sperm?? Thanks to all who respond!


To Cherry - July 14

Sperm lives for 72 hours. If you can, get him into the bedroom if today is the right day and then make him a cup of soup after your finished for trying.


Cherry - July 16

Thanks for responding! I was unable to get him to bd. Poor guy, he's still not feeling well! If this was meant to be our month then I guess a few little swimmers will have survived long enough to reach that egg. If not, I guess we'll be bd-ing like crazy next month.


bump - July 16



KIm - October 12

Hoe long does sperm live


ok - October 13

latch onto his dick like no tomorrow!!!


Sarah - October 13

Hi Cherry, sperm is suppose to live up to 72 hrs, so having sex 3 days before ovulation is ok but you really increase your chances having sex the day of ovulation. The egg usually on lives for 12 hrs. Good luck, I hope dh is feeling better soon.


Lynn - October 13

Cherry, the same thing happened with my hubby and I this month. He was sick from 10/2 till 10/5....which was my fertile/ovulation time. We bd on 10/1 and then again on 10/4 and 10/5 (10/5 being my O day). My hubby was so sick, but he gave in b/c we have been ttc for 10 mos now. I HOPE we did it this month! Best of Luck to you!!!



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