Sperm leaking OR my mucus coming out?
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Cutie - May 7

MY DH and I are TTC. I try to go to the bathroom before bd and right after intercourse I put pillows under my back/buttocks and stay like that for about 30 min. I dont get up untill the morning and when I go to the restroom in the morning I get some mucus and I dont know if its my mucus or am I loosing the sperm? I also have had more of white cloudy mucus, so I am just confused.... Would sperm stay there until the moring and then come out? I know it may sound a little dumb....sorry, just nowhere to ask. :) Thank you ladies.... Love, Cutie


Heather - May 7

Do you get up and go to the bathroom right after sex & then go back to bed and put the pillow under your hips then?


Cutie - May 7

NO, I dont get up after sex until next morning


Tina - May 7

Hi Cutie, I have the same problem as you and i would like to know aswell, so you are not the only one who feels dumb.


Teressa - May 8

I have the same problem i would like info, pls ladies


angie - May 8

cutie-did u any egg whites mucus at all this months


angie - May 8

sorry, did u see any egg whites mucus at all this month


rena - May 8

Hi what is egg white mucus


? - May 8

i think its sperm leakage,not 100% sure though! i always get this the next day after sex so guessing it is!


Cutie - May 8

I dont know Angie. I recently ordered PRE SEED... Hopefully that would help us concieve due to dryeness. I used to use KY Jelly but then found out that it would block the sperm.... Waiting for PRE SEED, I will let you ladies know how it goes. TO ? My husband says that it could be both, and he also says that I am not loosing it all :) LOL But I am wondering why is it coming out and would it be in the way of TTC?


stacey - May 8

It is the sperm leaking out- I get it sometimes up to 2 days after. Don't worry, because if the sperm were to reach the egg, it would have only taken seconds(possibly minutes) to do so- especially if you have pillows under hips. Once it reaches the egg, it won't come back out.


Caroline - May 9

There are so many sperm that come out, it shouldn't matter if you only lose a few the next morning.


cryss - May 9

I had talked to my fertility doctor and he said that after sex you only need to lay down for about 5 minutes (and here I have been laying down for an hour or more). He said that the sperm are very quick swimmers. When you get up and stuff comes out of you, it is probably semen but dont worry the sperm has already gone north. Hope this helps.


Cutie - May 9

Thank you everyone !
Wow Cryss, everyone has been saying 15-30 min... thats valuable info Thanks again.



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