Sperm Count Test
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kisses - June 22

I would like to ask if anybody of your DH use sperm count test? My DH would like to try coz we've been TTC # 1 for 1 year.....we tried everything except for this one. What brand and how much?


Andrea - June 22

Hey kisses..we did a sperm count test on my DH. We bought it off the internet its called FertilMarQ...i will see if i can find the link to the website. We have only been TTC for a few months but i thought we would get this out of the way anyways. He had a normal count of 20 million or higher according to the test! The test also costed about $45 with shipping i believe. let me search for the link and i will get back to you!


Andrea - June 22

Okay the website where i bought the test is www. fertilitymall.com ..then you will see a link on the left called "just for him" click on that and it will show you the spermcount test we used! Good luck and Baby Dust!


Justine - June 22

We did a sperm test at the doctors after 2 years ttc. It's a lot more detailed than the internet ones and measures count, morphology (shape) and motility (speed) plus volume. Motility (speed) is supposed to be the most important of the three. It turned out my husband had low count, low motility and very low morphology so I had to do IVF-ICSI. I'd recommend getting the doctor to do a test.


kisses - June 22

Thank you so much Andrea and Justine, i really appreciate the info you gave me. I will let my DH know about this and we will give it a try. Thanks again.


Andrea - June 22

No problem kisses. Baby Dust to you and all!


MG - June 22

Just curious...if in fact DH does have low sperm count, what is the next step? Is there any way to "correct" this?



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