sperm count getting lower and lower...losing hope
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jw - March 23

Went for my 3rd third IUI today and my DH's count was lower than ever. I am talking 1.2 million. I was so upset. My RE stated he has had success with numbers like this, but I think he was trying to make me feel better. I don't know what to do. I really can't afford IVF. My dh is on the fertility vitamins. I am at the point of throwing in the towel. We have been trying for 2 years. Help, any advice would be so appreciated!


Amym - March 23

jw, I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having. My dh just found out he has a very low sperm count (they didn't tell him the number) and I am worried it may be too low for a chance at IUI's as well. I would hope your dr. wouldn't give you false hope. Where did your dh get fertility vitamins from?? I really hope you have success. I understand the hopelessness, sadness, and anger you are probably feeling. Good luck to you!!


jw - March 23

Hello Amym. My dh took the advice of our RE and bought all the vitamins L-carnitine etc. they he recommended. We thought they were working, but then today with the results.... ahhhhh! We try not to get stressed, but much easier said then done. My dh is getting performance anxiety which is obviously compounding the problem. As where the vitamins came from, some from health food store and the L-carnitine was actually a prescription.


dea - March 23

JW: low sperm counts could be caused by a variety of factors... flu, bacteria in system, how many times he has ejaculated leading up to the testing, antibiotics, etc. DH has same issue. We have been ttc for 2 years also. Vitamins did help a little (I think). But, we have been learning about all the other factors that kill a count. I did my 2nd IUI two Fridays ago with 7.6 million (2 samples combined). My ins doesn't cover IVF either and my dr. wants to go that route. OUCH! Keep the faith- if ins. covers unlimited IUI, just remember "It only takes One!!" Bit of advice: don't let him know when you are O-ing. That might help with the perfromance anxiety. And- ask him if he wants you with him when giving samples. My DH gave a sample SUPER fast w/o me right next to him one time (like under 5 minutes)(I was in another room). So- I asked him "Is it easier with or without me?" It can be tough to ask- but if he is more comfortable...maybe it's for the better! Hope some of this helps! ~~DUST~~


Amym - March 23

dea, how much are your IUI's costing you?? I am trying to get a sense of how much to expect to pay since our insurance doesn't cover them at all. How much does IVF cost?? I haven't even tried to look that up because I think it will be way out of our price range. I have heard that using donor sperm is a better option as well if it is a sperm problem. My dh told me last night he would rather go that way than adopt, because the child would at least be half of me and I would get to carry it. How have both of you dealt with the fear and frustrations?? At one moment I have a positive attitude and the next moment I want to burst into tears because I realize we may never have a child. I hope your 2nd IUI results in a pregnancy for you!!!


SashaP - March 23

I don't know if this will help but I read in one of my fertility books that if you have good eggs then some clinics will give you a free IVF if you donate a round of your eggs. It just a thought I'm thinking about it if it ever comes down to that for me. I'd being giving somebody in a simular situation a child as well as myself. Hopes this helps. Baby dust and belly rubs.......


jw - March 24

Dea I have had 3 IUI's and they have cost $200. I believe the IVF's range anywhere from $4000-$7000. I think close to the 5000 for the egg retrieval. I have not brought up the subject of sperm donar. I don't know if this would even be an option. So difficult!!


dea - March 24

Hello All. AMYM: My IUI's are 100% covered by my insurance. New York State law deems that if insurance does not cover any form of IVF- then insurance must cover unlimited IUI. However, it does not cover injectible medication. So- I have done IUI all natural (no trigger shot) because I'm pretty regular. DH and I are looking at about $10,000 to do an IVF. I don't live in NYC or anything...it's just that expensive. But, DH's sperm dr. knows a dr. in Michigan that charges around $6,000. So, we will have to look at our options if we need to go that route. Dealing with the fear and frustration is taking it's toll. Lots of arguing (due to frustration). And, lots of cuddling and "I love you's". I didn't realize how much DH thought about his sperm issue and how "inadequate" he felt until one good heart-to-heart we had last December. Even this week we discussed our issues. And, I told him...."I don't look at this as your issue. I look at this as our issue. I am married to you and want to have a baby with you. It takes both of our bodies and I'll do whatever we need to to make that happen. Because in the end--- it will be our baby." JW: My dr. suggested donor sperm- DH and I talked. For us, that's not an option. We will do an IVF and go from there. (If we need it- I am now one day late- but...BFN from Dollar Tree) SASHAP: I've never heard of that!! Bartering eggs for IVF! Sign me up!! Twice!! I do know that my SIL sold her eggs for about $4000. Nice chunk of change huh?? Good info... thanks. Happy Friday everyone! ~~DUST~~


Amym - March 24

dea, I live in Michigan so I would be curious to hear where that dr. is that only charges $6000 for ivf. I am not even close to that (haven't even had our consultation apt.) but if it comes down to it. I am a big time planner and I am already planning for the worst possible outcome, but at the same time trying to find every option. I also would not mind giving an egg for a free IVF, Interesting trade. I got four different vitamins (plus a multivitamin) today and also bought caffeine free soda today. We are getting down to business and hope anything will help. I really hope you get your BFP!! Let us know what happens.


dea - March 25

Thanks AMYM.. If I end up with that dr.'s name I'll be sure to forward it to you. I am keeping fingers, toes, legs (and everything else I've got) crossed that I won't need it. I was reading one of your past posts-- I go through the rollercoaster of emotions, too. It sometimes feel like it will never happen. That it is something that only happens to the people around me. But I do try to stay positive. My DH and I are both huge planners. Imagine the frustration for us....especially when we had "planned" to have a toddler by this point and maybe trying for another baby. It seems almost silly now... like, how could I be so foolish to think it would be easy?? Have a great night..~~DUST~~



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