Sperm Count - Embarassing
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BakerJames - December 15


I had a question which is quite eating me.

My wife had a "natural abortion" (thats what the gynec said) meaning the abortion took place on its own, a rather miscarriage.

My question is, can a male with a low sperm count (not taken any medications to improve it) be able to pregnate a woman ? I do not know if the problem lies with me medically.

Are natural abortions one of the reasons for a low male sperm count? or male problems?


Amy - December 15

Miscarriages are natural, especially during the first trimester. I don't think it has anything to do with your sperm count. Anyways, I think this link might help: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/p


d - December 15

I agree with Amy. It just didn't implant itself right or not at all. It happens to a lot of women


dee - December 15

i dont think you having a low sperm count has anything to do with her having a miscarraige (i dont like the term "natural abortion" as it sounds kind of cruel). the only way i could see it having to do with your part is if the sperm that fertilized the egg was deformed or mutated which would cause the embryo not to develop and therefor she would miscarry...but low sperm count and deformed sperm are 2 different things so i dont think you have anything to worry about there. as for the miscarraige, just like Amy and d said, they are perfectly natural to happen in the first trimester and it probably just didn't implant itself deep enough. i hope this helps a little and i'm sorry that your wife and you have had this lost, but dont let it discourage either of you from trying again. good luck to you both!


Mega - December 15

Yes, a man with a low sperm count can impregnate a woman. I'm living proof of that. According to my mom, my dad had a very low sperm count & it took them 10 years, but they did conceive me naturally. All it takes is 1 sperm. If you do have a low sperm count, I've heard Vitamin E can help. Also if your wife lies in bed for a 1/2 with her feet propped up after sex. I agree with the previous posters though about your wife's recent m/c, your sperm wouldn't have anything to do with it. Sorry about your loss, by the way. As for morphology (deformed sperm), I'm not sure an abnormal sperm can even fertilize an egg, from what I've read. That's one of our problems, my DH has morphology issues. Anyway, good luck BakerJames! I think it's great that you're on line, looking up info, taking an active interest in TTC. Your wife is lucky to have you!


dea - December 16

Hi BAKERJAMES: Mega is right about sperm count not being a factor with m/c. Me and DH are dealing with low counts and bad morphology right now. From what I've learned, badly shaped sperm are unable to penetrate an egg. (irregular head shape/large heads) However- even with these two factors-- DH still has some "normal" sperm. So- we hope each month for our BFP because it truly does "only take one". Best wishes to you and your wife for a healthy conception and pregnancy.



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