Sperm bank, good or bad idea?
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Dee - June 14

I have multiple, rapidly growing fibroids, MD says If I want to have children I should get on it right away or risk having a second myomectomy. This could mean more scar tissue and actually decrease chances of getting pregnant. Problem is boyfriend of one year is not ready and I can't expect him to be because the relationship is still young.I am 32 and I want to be a mother so badly I've been thinking lately of going to a sperm bank because I feel like my window of opportunity is quickly slipping by. Good or bad idea??????


~kat~ - June 14

what does your boyfriend think of the idea? i think he should support you and have a baby now as it could be your only chance,but if he wont and you feel strongly enough about having your own baby then go ahead with using a sperm bank....personally id try talk bf round to having one with me,good luck.


Dee - June 15

Kat, he thinks it's an absolutely bad idea and that I should wait for him. He grew up without his father and thinks that no child should have to experience growing up this way. That's great but waiting for him involves another 11/2 to 2 yrs. I don't feel comfortable taking that chance, but then again if I do go the sperm bank route, I loose the bf and what do you tell a child later about his or her father??????


~kat~ - June 15

well it depends on whats more important to you,i know how hard this must be for you,if you decide to go ahead with the sperm bank idea then im sure you will think of something to say to the child as it will be a while before you have to worry about that and by then you could be settled with another man....this has to be you decision.


Lena - June 16

If I were in your shoes, I'd go for it!!



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